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Welcoming Eran to the Tokyo office!

Today, we bring you another blog post from Motoko, lesson creator, host and Office Party Planner! Motoko will be sharing more bilingual posts on our blog, so check back often and leave a comment!

Hey everyone. Motoko here!

Today I would like to talk about our recent visit from Innovative Language’s Co-Founder, Eran. Though he’s usually based in New York, he came to visit the Tokyo office in mid-November. It had been a year since his previous visit, so we welcomed him and took him to some interesting spots!

The first event was dinner at Ninja Akasaka. I’m sure you know what a ninja is! And this is a restaurant where you can see modern-day ninja and enjoy creative, gourmet meals. When we arrived, we were let in to the restaurant in groups of 4 or 5 people. What we saw as we entered is a secret, but it was definitely a fun and exciting experience! After being welcomed in, ninja or kunoichi (female ninja) took us to our tables. The seating areas looked like caves and we squished into our small but comfortable seats.

Every meal both looked and tasted great! The course started with a terrine of foie gras with Shuriken-shaped biscuits.

Most of the dishes related somehow to ninja and were fun to look at and eat. I really liked the tiny ninja-shaped dessert, because it was pretty cute!

If you like the animes Naruto or Nintama Rantaro, or even if you don’t really like ninja, I recommend a visit to this restaurant because you will experience something special!

(Nov. 2012)

エランさんいらっしゃいパーティ @東京オフィス

まずはNinja Akasaka。みなさん、忍者は知っていますよね。Ninja Akasakaは忍者に会うことができるレストランです。モダンな創作料理も食べることができます。レストランについたら、4~5人でお店に入ります。ここでお店でおこることを教えることはできません。でも、絶対みなさんもわくわく、どきどき、楽むことができると思います。その秘密(ひみつ)のイベントの後、テーブルに行きます。忍者か、女性の忍者の「くの一」が席まで案内します。ほとんどのテーブルは洞窟(どうくつ)みたいな席で、小さくて居心地がよさそうな席にすわります。