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New App Update! Japanese Video Lessons for Android & More Lesson Control!

Hello Listener,

Last time, you got the new, free, weekly Japanese lessons on the go. This time, there are 2 more updates for the Innovative Language 101 App:

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  1. JapanesePod101 Video Lessons Now On The Android Version
  2. Powerful Lesson Player Controls On the iPhone/iPad Version

What does this mean for you?

It means: more Japanese lessons to learn with and more control over them!

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(If you own the App, upgrade to the latest version.)

1. Video Lessons now on the Android App!

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Are you a visual learner and love learning with video? Japanese Video lessons make up a major portion of the JapanesePod101 learning system. They weren’t on the Android version before, but they are now.

Learn with video on the go by tapping on “Browse Lessons” and selecting any video series. (Note: This is already available for iOS.)

2. Powerful Lesson Controls for the iPhone & iPad!

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Want to completely understand the Japanese that you hear? Or review conversations until they’re stuck in your head? Take control of any Audio Lesson with new playback controls. With new Playback Controls, you can…

  • Review again and again by putting a track on repeat
  • Slow down or speed up by setting the playback speed (0.5x, 1x, 1.5x or 2x)
  • Skip back and forth between tracks within a lesson
  • Backtrack or get ahead by jumping 10 seconds back or forward

New updates! Click here to download Innovative Language 101 for free!
(If you own the App, upgrade to the latest version.)

If you run into any bugs or issues with this new update, feel free to send us a quick email at mobileapps@innovativelanguage.com

To new free Japanese lessons for life,

Team JapanesePod101

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Click here to get 45% OFF 6-month Premium + Inner Circle Access!

New App Update! Get The Newest Japanese Lessons For Free No Matter Where You Are

New update! Click here to download Innovative Language 101 for free!

Hello Listener,

Did you know that every new JapanesePod101 lesson is yours free?

Fact: All new lessons are open to everyone for 3 weeks after the publish date. This is one of the major benefits of the Free Lifetime Account. Just sit back and learn. High-quality Japanese audio and video lessons come out every week.

But here’s what’s new…
You now get the newest lessons on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime!

New update! Click here to download Innovative Language 101 for free!

New update! Click here to download Innovative Language 101 for free!

Users requested this. We listened. Innovative Language 101 for the iPhone, iPad and Androidthe App that gives you your lessons on the go – has an awesome new update: Newest Lessons.

If you’re learning Japanese and want to get all new lessons all the time, you absolutely can’t miss out on this. With this update, you get:

  • Access to lessons from the past 3 weeks
  • Access to every single new lesson that comes out
  • …and you can download them to your device for extra study!

When you log in to the App, simply tap on the “Newest Lessons” icon for all the latest and greatest lessons. Every time a lesson is published, you will find it here. High-quality Japanese audio and video lessons come out every week.

New update! Click here to download Innovative Language 101 for free!

Remember: Every new JapanesePod101 lesson is yours free. This a major benefit of the Free Lifetime Account. New lessons are open to everyone for 3 weeks after the publish date. High-quality Japanese audio and video lessons come out every week.

If you run into any bugs or issues with this new update, feel free to send us a quick email at mobileapps@innovativelanguage.com.

To new free Japanese lessons for life,

Team JapanesePod101

P.S. Want to unlock the entire JapanesePod101 learning system? That’s 370+ hours of lessons from Beginner to Advanced – that you can take on the go – exclusive Apps, Progress Tracking, Premium Study Tools, Feedback from Teachers and much more! Simply upgrade to Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS for more access.

Click here to upgrade to Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS!

Coming Soon: Visual Dictionary Pro – Learn 30 Languages in One Vocab App for the iPhone and iPad!

Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages

Hello Listener,

All 30 languages are yours inside one app! Yes, Japanese too!

So anywhere you go in the world, we have you covered. And anytime you’re ready to start the next language, you have 30 languages and over 16,500 words instantly available on your iPhone or iPad.

And no, you can’t have this app yet. It’s coming soon.

Visual Dictionary Pro – Learn 30 languages, presented by InnovativeLanguage.com, comes with 30 languages, including Japanese, that you can easily download with an internet connection.

Master Japanese and 29 other languages with real-life scenarios!

Visual Dictionary Pro – Learn 30 languages is coming soon to iTunes! Master over 550 must-know words in 30 languages by exploring 26 scenarios, one-by-one. Just swipe through each scenario on your iPad or iPhone and tap on objects and places to get their meanings.

Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages

You’re not reading words off of a list. You’re mastering words in their real-life context along with audio pronunciations and sample sentences.

What’s new with this app? With Visual Dictionary Pro – Learn 30 Languages, you can:

  • Explore the 26 real world scenarios in 30 languages free!
  • Study 550+ words, and 1000+ sample sentences per language with native audio
  • Master pitch perfect pronunciation with native speakers for every language and dialect
  • Look up specific words under Search
  • Browse all the words with the Category List
  • Tap and zoom through every available scenario bringing language learning to life
  • Build strong bonds to new words with the rich visual illustrations
  • See and hear practical sample sentences related to scenarios and words
  • Save words in your personal Word Bank for convenient study. You have a separate Word Bank for each language, so no getting words mixed up
  • Choose from 30 different languages and dialects
  • Turn Audio Autoplay on/off
  • And with 30 languages, Visual Dictionary Pro gets you mastering a total of 16,500+ words.

    Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages

    Want to try it out for FREE? The Free Visual Dictionary is coming soon!

    Visual Dictionary (Free) also comes with the same 30 languages with limited access so you can try before you buy. For each language, you explore the 3 sample scenarios – Earth, City and Supermarket and master 104 words along the way. For more scenarios and words, simply unlock the language with an in-app upgrade.

    Visual Dictionary Pro Comes with the following languages:

    · American English · British English · Bulgarian · Cantonese
    · Chinese · Croatian · Dutch · Filipino · French · German
    · Hebrew · Hindi · Hungarian · Indonesian · Italian
    · Japanese · Mongolian · Nepali · Korean · Polish
    · Brazilian Portuguese · Russian · Spanish · Mexican Spanish
    · Peruvian Spanish · Swahili · Thai · Turkish · Ukrainian · Vietnamese

    Visual Dictionary Pro – Learn 30 Languages is perfect for travelers and language lovers alike. You master just the practical, real-life vocabulary of the world around you. This app will walk you through 26 everyday scenarios like stores, homes, classrooms, airports, hospitals, subway stations and more in 30 languages!

    To your fluency,

    Team JapanesePod101

    P.S. Stay tuned! Visual Dictionary Pro – Learn 30 languages for the iPhone and iPad is coming soon!

    No One App Should Have All This Japanese Word Power

    Hello Listener,

    Mothers don’t choose favorites. But we do!

    When it comes to apps, WordPower Japanese v4.0 has a special place in our hearts. And for good reason.

    WordPower Version 4.0: Not Just an Update, It’s Like a Brand New App

    WordPower for iPhone and iPad has been rebuilt from top to bottom and the reviews are coming in.

    This latest update turns WordPower into your complete Japanese language and culture course. We’ve changed the look and doubled the amount of words with the Japanese Local List.

    The Japanese Local List contains words and phrases specifically related to Japanese daily life and culture.

    Ever wonder what the most popular beverages are in Japan? Need to know the name of famous landmarks? You’ll learn all that and everything else you need if you’re traveling or living in Japan.

    For even more insight, we’ve even included links to the each topic’s Wikipedia page. Trust us, you’re never putting this app away.

    “4,000 words? That’s a lot! Where do I start?”

    Great question. With WordPower 4.0, you can study on your own and browse our expansive list by category. Or, for more guidance, we’ve organized words into Study Courses. Start off with the Top 100 Japanese words every Japanese learner must know.

    Once you’re done, dive into 10 course levels from Basic to Upper Intermediate and track your progress along the way.

    Not Just a Vocab App, Learn How to Use the Vocab Too!
    Brand new to WordPower is instant JapanesePod101 audio lesson access. Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account and access our latest lessons, week after week. From beginner to advanced, you’ll find lessons that meet your needs. WordPower arms you with the tools to transform you from a timid speaker with a big vocabulary into an unstoppable Japanese speaking machine!

    Core Words? Check. Japan-Specific Words and Phrases? Check. Culture? Check.

    Conversational Audio Courses? Yes, you get this too.

    You gotta see it to believe it. And to see it, you gotta download it.

    Click Here To Get Word Power Japanese for Free!
    Click Here To Word Power Japanese Full with 4000 Words!

    Here’s What’s New in WordPower Japanese version 4.0!

  • Japanese Culture Guide List – this list of 2,000 words relevant to daily Japanese life and culture turns WordPower into a mini travel and cultural handbook.
  • Study Courses – 10 courses starting with the most basic words. Work your way up from Level 1 to 10.
  • Study Categories – study words with 75 common categories.
  • JapanesePod101 Lessons – combine your word study with conversational lessons. Access lessons with your Free, Basic, or Premium account.
  • Word of the Day – learn one Japanese word a day.
  • Progress Tracking – see how far you’ve gotten in each category or level.
  • Completely Redesigned User Interface – much cleaner and more user-friendly.
  • …plus, get the Word Class, New Flashcard Study Settings, and Japanese Basic Resources!

    Click Here To Get WordPower Full Japanese for the iPhone or iPad

    Try Before You Buy, Learn 200+ Words Free with WordPower Lite

    WordPower Lite also got a much needed update.

    It’s not just a Word of the Day app anymore. We received enough feedback to know that Lite needed more! So we injected 200 core words, kept the Word of the Day, and added access JapanesePod101 lessons.

    Plus, Lite is loaded with exactly the same study features as WordPower Full, so you’ll get a picture perfect idea of what’s waiting for you when you upgrade to full and unlock all 4,000 essential Japanese words!

    Click Here To Get WordPower Japanese Lite for Free!

  • JapanesePod101 Goes Mobile! Master Japanese with One Thumb, No Squinting Necessary

    Let’s play a game of Would You Rather?

    Would you rather have this…
    Over 300 Japanese learning CDs (yeah, CDs…remember those?) piled to the ceiling in your bedroom next to stacks upon stacks of expensive, outdated textbooks that teach you dry, humorless Japanese conversation.

    …or this?
    The same amount of content, shrunken down to fit onto your smartphone or tablet. And all those lessons? They’ve been updated to teach you vocabulary, grammar and culture so that learning Japanese is actually fun!

    The answer is clear. You’d rather have the JapanesePod101 Mobile!

    The biggest Japanese course.
    All on your tiny mobile device.

    Introducing JapanesePod101 Mobile Beta!
    Take all of your favorite Japanese lessons and lesson notes on the go, anywhere you have a WiFi or 3G/4G connection, anytime and on any device. That’s thousands of Japanese lessons from Absolute Beginner to Advanced, available at the touch of a finger. Optimized for any screen, you’ll navigate through our rich collection of lessons and resources easily and intuitively.

    No more zooming. No more squinting. This is language learning on-the-go!

    Exclusive New Feature for 12-month and 24-month Premium Subscribers!
    Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, Beginner or Advanced speaker, you can swipe your way to Japanese fluency as you go from lesson to lesson. Accessed through your device’s browser, once you log in and your 12-month or 24-month Premium membership has been authenticated, you’ll gain access to our entire lesson library (1,750 lessons and counting!) including audio, video, lesson notes, line-by-line transcripts and vocabulary with audio.

    Loading that many lessons onto your Phone would take up 20GB at least! With JapanesePod101 Mobile, you get all the content without giving up all that storage space. Save that extra space for more Instagram photos of your delicious Japanese lunch!

    learn Japanese online with JapanesePod101 Mobile

    Log On to Tune In
    Using any WiFi-enabled device, log in at mobile.japanesepod101.com and tap on “Browse” to scroll through all seasons and lessons by difficulty. If you’d like to continue where you’ve left off, tap on “History.”

    Most Lessons come with 3 Audio Tracks:

  • Lesson Audio Track – Listen to the complete lesson
  • Lesson Review Track – Review words and phrases from the lesson
  • Dialog Track – Hear just the Japanese-only dialog to make sure you understand it all!
  • Plus, you get Lesson Notes and Supplementary Resources:

  • PDF Lesson Notes – Get the lesson in writing
  • Lesson Transcript – Read and listen to the dialogue again and again
  • Vocabulary List – The words, translations, and pronunciations
  • Expansion – Additional audio related to the grammar
  • JapanesePod101 Mobile is currently available to 12-month and 24-month Premium and Premium Plus subscribers only. To access JapanesePod101 Mobile as well as the unlimited JapanesePod101.com access that comes with Premium and Premium+, click here to subscribe.

    JapanesePod101 Mobile Launch Special: Save 20% on any 12-month or 24-month Premium Subscription until November 15th, 2012. Use coupon code MOBILE

    Click here to save 20% on 12-month and 24-month Premium!

    If you have questions or feedback for us, send us a message here.

    New Product Announcement! Explore Your World in Japanese with Visual Dictionary for iPhone and iPad

    Visual Dictionary iOS Logo

    There’s absolutely no limit to the number of vocabulary words you could and should learn in the Japanese language. The fact is, the more words you know, the better you’ll be able to speak and communicate. That’s true of any language; even your native tongue! But when are you going to find the time to learn them all? Isn’t there a shortcut?

    Introducing Visual Dictionary Lite – Learn Japanese, presented by Innovative Language Learning! This new App for iPhone and iPad focuses your Japanese vocabulary learning to the words you need to know – the objects, places and people that you’ll encounter in your daily life. With Visual Dictionary Lite, you’ll be transported to a world where everything you tap and touch comes to life with native audio recordings and vibrant imagery. You’ll start at the front door of our Earth scenario and drill down to smaller areas like the beach, city and airport with a single tap. Look for the blue arrows to zoom and transport yourself to more areas and learn more words. It’s that simple.

    Visual Dictionary Lite – Learn Japanese is a free app with convenient in-app upgrade to the full version. With Visual Dictionary Full, you’ll learn 550+ must-know Japanese vocabulary words through native audio clips, sample sentences and colorful illustrations. No matter what your Japanese reading level is, you can switch between kana and romanization to accommodate all Japanese language students.

    Here’s what you’ll get when you download Visual Dictionary Lite – Learn Japanese today:

    • Earth, City, and Supermarket scenarios and 39 related vocabulary words and over 100 sample sentences free! Unlock 23 more scenarios, 550+ words, and 1000+ sample sentences with in-app upgrade.
    • 68 Food & Drink vocabulary in Category Mode and over 100 sample sentences free! Unlock the full category list and 550+ Japanese vocabulary and 1000+ sample sentences with upgrade.
    • Kanji and kana for every word. Not comfortable with kana yet? Swap kana for rouma-ji on the Settings screen.
    • Native Japanese audio recordings by professional voice actors
    • Rich visual illustrations
    • Practical sample sentences related to scenarios and words
    • Your own personal Word Bank for convenient study

    Now available in the iTunes App Store, download Visual Dictionary Lite – Learn Japanese today and start exploring!
    Available in iTunes App Store