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Japanese Resources

Welcome to's Japanese Resources. To get started, make a selection from the list below.


About Japanese

Read all about the rewarding benefits of studying the Japanese language

Daily Dose of Japanese

Learn Japanese easily in minutes a day with new lessons everyday

Japanese Pronunciation

Learn to speak Japanese right through audio clips and charts

The Japanese Writing System

Learn about the Japanese alphabet, kana, with hiragana and katakana audio charts

Reading & Writing


Read about Romaji, the romanization of the Japanese written language


Read about Kana, the Japanese syllabic alphabet

Learn Hiragana

Practice writing Japanese hiragana with these printable hiragana practice sheets, audio charts and videos

Learn Katakana

Practice writing Japanese katakana with these printable katakana practice sheets, audio charts and videos

Learn Kanji

Practice writing Japanese kana with these printable kanji practice sheets, audio charts and videos


Japanese Grammar

Learn Japanese grammar with these easy to follow tutorials

Verb Conjugation Chart

Study Japanese verb conjugation with these simple audio charts

Mobile Applications

Innovative Language 101 App

Take JapanesePod101 On The Go with Innovative Language 101

Custom Lists Mobile

Create, Study & Share Your Japanese Lists With Others!


Kana Quiz

Drill hiragana and katakana Japanese scripts using this interactive tool

JLPT Kanji Quiz

Study for the JLPT Kanji sections, level 1-4

Jouyou Kanji Quiz

Review and drill the jouyou kanji characters from grade 1 through 8

JLPT Practice Tests

JLPT practice tests designed to prepare you for the real thing