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No One App Should Have All This Japanese Word Power

Hello Listener,

Mothers don’t choose favorites. But we do!

When it comes to apps, WordPower Japanese v4.0 has a special place in our hearts. And for good reason.

WordPower Version 4.0: Not Just an Update, It’s Like a Brand New App

WordPower for iPhone and iPad has been rebuilt from top to bottom and the reviews are coming in.

This latest update turns WordPower into your complete Japanese language and culture course. We’ve changed the look and doubled the amount of words with the Japanese Local List.

The Japanese Local List contains words and phrases specifically related to Japanese daily life and culture.

Ever wonder what the most popular beverages are in Japan? Need to know the name of famous landmarks? You’ll learn all that and everything else you need if you’re traveling or living in Japan.

For even more insight, we’ve even included links to the each topic’s Wikipedia page. Trust us, you’re never putting this app away.

“4,000 words? That’s a lot! Where do I start?”

Great question. With WordPower 4.0, you can study on your own and browse our expansive list by category. Or, for more guidance, we’ve organized words into Study Courses. Start off with the Top 100 Japanese words every Japanese learner must know.

Once you’re done, dive into 10 course levels from Basic to Upper Intermediate and track your progress along the way.

Not Just a Vocab App, Learn How to Use the Vocab Too!
Brand new to WordPower is instant JapanesePod101 audio lesson access. Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account and access our latest lessons, week after week. From beginner to advanced, you’ll find lessons that meet your needs. WordPower arms you with the tools to transform you from a timid speaker with a big vocabulary into an unstoppable Japanese speaking machine!

Core Words? Check. Japan-Specific Words and Phrases? Check. Culture? Check.

Conversational Audio Courses? Yes, you get this too.

You gotta see it to believe it. And to see it, you gotta download it.

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Here’s What’s New in WordPower Japanese version 4.0!

  • Japanese Culture Guide List – this list of 2,000 words relevant to daily Japanese life and culture turns WordPower into a mini travel and cultural handbook.
  • Study Courses – 10 courses starting with the most basic words. Work your way up from Level 1 to 10.
  • Study Categories – study words with 75 common categories.
  • JapanesePod101 Lessons – combine your word study with conversational lessons. Access lessons with your Free, Basic, or Premium account.
  • Word of the Day – learn one Japanese word a day.
  • Progress Tracking – see how far you’ve gotten in each category or level.
  • Completely Redesigned User Interface – much cleaner and more user-friendly.
  • …plus, get the Word Class, New Flashcard Study Settings, and Japanese Basic Resources!

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    Try Before You Buy, Learn 200+ Words Free with WordPower Lite

    WordPower Lite also got a much needed update.

    It’s not just a Word of the Day app anymore. We received enough feedback to know that Lite needed more! So we injected 200 core words, kept the Word of the Day, and added access JapanesePod101 lessons.

    Plus, Lite is loaded with exactly the same study features as WordPower Full, so you’ll get a picture perfect idea of what’s waiting for you when you upgrade to full and unlock all 4,000 essential Japanese words!

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