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Top 5 Classroom Phrases in Japanese

In this lesson, we’ll teach you the top five useful classroom phrases in Japanese, and then some!

“Please say it.” / “Please repeat.”

  • Itte kudasai (言っ てください) means “please say it.” As a variation, you might also hear ripīto shite kudasai (リピートしてください), which means “please repeat (after me),” when teachers want you to repeat exactly what they have said.

“Please look.”

  •  Mite kudasai (見てください) means “please look,” and when an object comes before the phrase, it means “please look at (object).

“Please read.”

  •  Yonde kudasai (読んでください) means “please read.” You can expect to hear this phrase if a teacher wants you to practice reading some word, phrase, or passage.

“Please write it.”

  •  Kaite kudasai (書いてください) means “please write it.” Teachers may use this phrase when they want you to practice writing some hiragana, katakana, or even kanji!

“Do you understand?”

  •  The most direct translation is wakarimasu ka? (分かりますか?).
  • Other variations Japanese teachers often use include daijōbu desu ka? (大丈夫ですか?) and ii desu ka? (いいですか?) which both literally translate to “Is it/everything okay?”
  •  they might also ask shitsumon arimasu ka? (質問ありますか?), which means “Are there any questions?”

We hope that these phrases can help you get a head start in the classroom! please check out our other lesson series at for more great usefull phrases!!