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As you learn more about Japanese culture, we are sure that you will want to learn even more Japanese words and phrases! The way to experience Japan at its fullest is being able to communicate and make the best of your stay in this fascinating country. But sometimes we feel that time is short! However, did you know that you can use Japanese to learn more Japanese?  of course, you can ask for help, in Japanese!
Remember to be polite at all times and use:

すみません。 (  Sumimasen  )
“excuse me.”

We often use it to try to politely get someone’s attention if we are about to say something or ask a question.

「 word 」 は日本語で何ですか。 (  [ word ] wa Nihon-go de nan desu ka? )
“How do you say (word) in Japanese?”

You can use this phrase when you don’t know what something is called in Japanese.
If you wish, in the blank you can point and say kore wa (これは, “this”). don’t hesitate to use the ‘pointing system’, as it will help you until you have increased your vocabulary.
If someone uses a Japanese word you dont know, you can ask:
英語で何ですか。 (  Eigo de nan desu ka? )
“what is it in English?”

お 願いします。 (  Onegai shimasu. )

Onegai shimasu is a phrase that means “please.” You can use this phrase when you are asking for something or asking someone to do something for you.

Also, you can pair the following two phrases with onegai shimasu to ask aomeone to repeat something.

もう一度  (  Mo ichi-do  )
“one more time”

as well as:
ゆっ くり   (  Yukkuri  )

Use Japanese to learn more Japanese words as well getting used to communicating in Japanese as much as possible. Remember that practice is fundamental as you learn, and it will Help you create not only fun memories, but maybe might start the beginning of an awesome friendship!