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Learn Japanese Kanji – Everyday Kanji (Inside the train station)

 Hi everyone!
Welcome to Everyday Kanji! In this series, we’re going to present pictures of kanji seen in various places in Japan taken by the team members at That’s right – kanji seen and used everyday!

The theme for this week is kanji found on signs inside the train station. Let’s take a look!

Everyday Kanji week 16 - Inside the train station ①

乗車券 (jōshaken) = ticket (usually refers to a train or bus ticket)

乗車券 (jōshaken) is a ticket used to ride a train or a bus. In this picture you can see the vending machine where you buy tickets for the subway. This word is includes the word 乗車 (jōsha, boarding) plus the word for ticket, 券.

乗車券 (jōshaken) = ticket (usually refers to a train ticket)
● 乗 (jō) = ride
● 車 (sha) = car
● 券 (ken) = ticket

Sample Sentence:
Madoguchi de jōshaken o kōnyū shita.
I bought a ticket at the ticket counter.

Everyday Kanji week 16 - Inside the train station ②

定期券 (teikiken) = commuter pass

A 定期券 (teikiken) is a special type of 券 (ticket) used on the trains. 定期 means “fixed”, and refers to the fact that this pass is used for a fixed amount of time for a fixed route – in other words, a commuter pass. You pay in advance for the fare of your daily commute. A fixed pass used by students is called a 通学定期券 (tsūgaku teikiken).

定期券 (teikiken) = commuter pass
● 定 (tei) = fixed
● 期 (ki) = period
● 券 (ken) = ticket

Sample Sentence:
Teikiken ga kirete shimatta no de, kōshin shinakereba narimasen.
My commuter pass has expired, so I need to renew it.

Everyday Kanji week 16 - Inside the train station ③

のりこし精算 (norikoshi seisan) = fare adjustment

To get from point A to point B on the train, you need to buy a ticket, right? But what happens when you decide you need to get off at a station before or after point B? Your fare might be different than what you initially paid. That’s where this handy machine comes in. If your fare needs to be adjusted in any way, find the machine that says のりこし精算(機) (norikoshi seisan(ki)). If you are using a prepaid card, this is also the machine you use if you don’t have enough money on it to cover your fare.

のりこし精算 (norikoshi seisan) = fare adjustment

精算 (seisan) = adjustment
● 精 (sei) = refined
● 算 (san) = calculate

のりこし would be 乗り越し in kanji, and comes from the verb 乗り越す.
乗り越す (norikosu) = to ride past one’s destination

Sample Sentence:
Moshi Shinjuku de oriru nara, norikoshi seisanki de, seisan shinakereba narimasen.
If you’re going to get off at Shinjuku station, you need to adjust the fare using the fare adjustment machine.

Everyday Kanji week 16 - Inside the train station ④

投入金額 (tōnyū kingaku) = amount (of money) inserted

The number next to 投入金額 shows you how much money you have inserted into the machine. We can break up those phrase into two words: 投入 and 金額.

投入金額 (tōnyū kingaku) = amount (of money) inserted

投入 (tōnyū) = insert, input
● 投 (tō) = throw
● 入 (nyū) = enter, insert

金額 (kingaku) = amount of money
● 金 (kin) = gold, money
● 額 (gaku) = amount, sum

Sample Sentence:
Tōnyū kingaku wa go-hyaku-en desu.
The amount inserted is 500 yen.

Everyday Kanji week 16 - Inside the train station ⑤
PASMOはご利用頂けません (PASMO wa go-riyō itadakemasen) = You cannot use a PASMO card.

If you have been to Tokyo, you may be familiar with the PASMO card. It is a rechargeable IC (integrated circuit) card that can be used on virtually all Tokyo’s railways and subways.

ご利用 (go-riyō) = usage, use (with honorific prefix ご)
● 利 (ri) = profit, advantage
● 用 (yō) = utilize, use

頂けません (itadakemasen) – negative form of the verb 頂けます (itadakemasu), which literally means “can receive”. ご利用頂けます is a common polite phrase meaning “You can use…”, so ご利用頂けません means “You cannot use…”. It is the same as saying ご利用できません (go-riyō dekimasen).

● 頂 (itada(ku)) = to receive

Sample Sentence:
Go-hon’nin meigi igai no kurejitto kādo wa go-riyō itadakemasen.
You cannot use a credit card in a name other than your own.

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