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Kanji Scrabble #16: 南 Have Fun Learning with Kanji Scrabble: a Kanji Game Just for Twitter!

The Kanji for this week are as follows: (Remember, each compound must use the Kanji in the brackets [ ].)

Kanji Scrabble #16, Key Kanji: 南


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Kanji Kana English
南下 なんか (n,vs) going south/
南中 なんちゅう (n,vs) crossing the meridian/
南北 なんぼく (n) south and north/(P)/
南南東 なんなんとう (n) south-southeast/
南南西 なんなんせい (n) south-southwest/
南口 みなみぐち (n) south entrance/(P)/
南国 なんこく (n) southern countries/(P)/
南天 なんてん (n) (1) the southern sky/(2) heavenly bamboo/nandina/Nandina domestica/
南東 なんとう (n,adj-no) southeast/(P)/
南西 なんせい (n,adj-no) southwest/(P)/
東南 とうなん (n) south-east/(P)/
東南東 とうなんとう (n) east-southeast/ESE/
東西南北 とうざいなんぼく (n) east, west, south and north/
西南 せいなん (n) south-west/(P)/
西南西 せいなんせい (n) west-southwest/