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How to use Twitter

To keep you updated on our lessons and better communicate with you, we created a Twitter account (actually a long time ago) and urge you to do so too! In case you’re confused what in the world Twitter is or don’t know how or why you would use Twitter, we’ve made a simple FAQ & guide just for you.

What is “Twitter”?
Twitter is a “micro-blogging” service. Each post is limited to 140 characters so that each post, called a “tweet”, is short and to the point.
This makes it perfect quickly sharing internet links, messages or ideas with others.
To see automatic updates of others’ tweets, you go to their page and then “follow” them. If they want to see your tweets, they’ll follow you.

1. Start your own account
To start using Twitter, go to the official web page, and register for an account. The sign up process is very easy to do and there is a lot of help on the official Twitter website.

2. Install the Japanese Input pack
Don’t know how to read and write Japanese Kana and Kanji on your Windows PC?

Install the Japanese Language Guide

Writing in Japanese Guide

3. Follow us
After starting an account and making sure you can read and write Japanese characters, start following us to see our tweets automatically. Click this link here: and click “Follow”.

See you on Twitter!