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Thanks to everyone who has been following us on Twitter and playing Kanji Scrabble lately!

Here at JapanesePod101.com, we think that Twitter is great for communication and sharing information. We also think it makes for a powerful learning tool! So starting today, we’ll be introducing Japanese vocabulary and phrases daily on Twitter that follow a set theme. Each day we’ll tweet at 10 a.m. Tokyo time (except for the first one, which is already out!).

Our first theme will be 和製英語 (wasei-eigo).
You’ll get the wasei-eigo term in katakana, followed by the romaji, the original English it comes from, and an explanation of its intended meaning (which is often different from the meaning of the English words!)

So don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!
Leave us some feedback and if you have any suggestions for our next vocab themes, let us know!

Good luck with your studies!