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Miho at Monash

皆様、こんにちは。Hi everyone!

My name is Miho 「美帆」, and I live and teach Japanese in Australia, Melbourne. I am also currently studying at renown Monash University.

Since began, I have been keeping track of its progess, as I see it as such a fun and interesting way of learning Japanese. I find the pedagogy of the program interesting, and as a teacher of Japanese, I would like to blog about “Japanese teaching”. It sounds quite broad, doesn’t it? I will basically talk about useful tips for both learners and teachers of Japanese over the next 10 weeks. My advice and tips will probably focus on students with an English Speaking background since I am in Australia, but you are always welcome to comment about other language backgrounds!

This week I would just like to take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I graduated from Ibaraki University (Japan), and majored in Music education. I took two years off from my studies and spend one year in Thailand to study traditional Thai music and dancing. Then, I spent another year in Melbourne working as a Japanese language assistant teacher at a secondary school.

These experiences led me to become interested in teaching Japanese as a second/foreign language, and I wanted to study more about teaching Japanese. I came back to Melbourne after I graduated Ibaraki University and worked as an assistant teacher again for another two years. In 2004, I earned a Masters of Applied Japanese Linguistics at Monash University in Australia. In 2007, I returned to Monash University and am studying to become a Japanese teacher.
I look forward to sharing my advice and ideas with you!