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Kawaii On the Eyes, But…

Hi, everyone!
Nowadays, there are many fantastic ways to learn Japanese with modern technology like! One good way to learn and experience Japanese culture and language is to surf YOUTUBE! There are many excellent things, and many not so excellent things, you can find on this website.

For example, this video can help you remember some adjectives.

This is an actual TV commercial in Japan. This commercial uses i-adjectives in a very simple and funny way! You can find many other ads if you search “Japanese Funny Commercial”.

If you are learning Japanese outside of Japan, it is sometimes difficult to find very authentic material, but YOUTUBE provides you with the opportunity to access updated authentic information! If you are a teacher and have good facilities at school, you can even use it in a classroom.

Some of the commercial elements might be too difficult to understand, but you might find it interesting to watch. Could you get all of the i-adjectives introduced?
Please let me know if you know any good YOUTUBE videos!

Have a nice week, and see you next week!