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More Pictures!

Last Friday, we received a visit from Favianna Rodriguez a talented and sucessful artist from the Bay Area (California)! Everyone at JapanesePod101.com was wowed by her energy level, personality and the fact that she brought us Ghirardelli Chocolates (Gone in 60 seconds)! We can’t thank her enough, as it was great meeting and getting to know her. You can find out more about the talented Favianna-san and her art work by clicking here.

Favianna-san managed to track down some more members of the JapanesePod101.com team. So, we would like to introduce you to Sasahara-sensei, Takase and Jonas.

Starting from the left: Kazunori (JPod101.com’s Alpha-male), Natsuko (holding the Japanese Journal Favianna’s art work appeared in), Favianna, Sasahara-sensei, Takase, Jonas, (kneeling) Sakura(holding half of the o-miyage (souvenir) from Favianna) and Peter(holding half of the o-miyage (souvenir) from Favianna). We hope you enjoy this.
Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu!よろしくおねがいします。