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YAKU Words with Great Internal Rhymes

爆薬 (bakuyaku: explosive compound, blasting powder)
     to explode + compound

Although we usually know (YAKU, kusuri) as “medicine,” it can also mean “gunpowder”! Hard to imagine the etymology! Oh, but Halpern yields some insight, defining as “chemical, compound,” in cases such as this one.

悪役 (akuyaku: villain (in a piece))     bad + part, role, cast

Hmm, let’s see ..

Akuyaku ni wa bakuyaku ga arun desu.
The villain has explosives.

Or … let’s take it even further and make a tongue-twister:

Akuyaku wa yōyaku bakuyaku o te ni ireta.
The villain finally obtained explosives.

手に入れる (te ni ireru: to obtain)
     hand + to insert

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