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For More on Business Transfers

For financial wheelings and dealings, you’ll benefit from knowing these words:

売り渡し (uriwatashi: sale; selling)     to sell + to transfer

譲り渡す (yuzuriwatasu: to hand over, cede)
     to transfer + to transfer

Yamaguchi-san wa toshi o tottara jigyō o musuko ni yuzuriwatasu tsumori da.
When Mr. Yamaguchi gets old, he will hand his business over to his son.

山口 (Yamaguchi: family name)
     mountain + mouth
(toshi: years, age)
事業 (jigyō: business)     business + enterprise
息子 (musuko: son)     son + child  

If you take the kanji in 譲り渡す and use their on-yomi, you get this:

譲渡 (jōto: transfer, assignment)     to transfer + to transfer

This word pops up in quite a few expressions, so it’s a good one to remember. Here are ways to expand on it:

株式譲渡 (kabushiki jōto: transfer of stocks)
     stock + type + to transfer + to transfer
営業譲渡 (eigyō jōto: transfer of business)
     to conduct business + business + to transfer + to transfer
譲渡担 (jōto tanpo: mortgage)
     to transfer + to transfer + to undertake (a job) + to

You may know the third character, , from 担当 (tantō: responsibility, to undertake (a job) + to be assigned).

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