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Archive for the 'Community Spotlight' Category iTunes Podcast Artwork Contest!

Update 10/21/06: Thank you for everyone who participated in the iTunes Podcast Artwork Contest! We were absolutely blown away by the number of entries and by the creative talents of our community. I would like to congratulate the winner, Rioo-san from South Korea, whose submission can be seen below. Click here to see all the entries.

We’re looking for you, our community members, to put your creative and artistic skills to work in designing a new, original artwork for our podcast. The winning design will become the new official artwork for our podcast page on iTunes, seen by thousands of users every day.
Your artwork entry must…

  • be an attractive and original image that represents
  • fit nicely with our website and brand identity
  • include the text “”
  • be your own original artwork that does not contain any copyrighted material without written approval from the owner
  • either be JPEG or PNG formats (original PSD or EPS required as well)
  • be square and 300 x 300 pixels
  • look good on iTunes pages where is is much smaller in size (e.g. search results and feature placement pages)

General contest rules…

  • The contest is open to ALL members of the community
  • You are welcome to submit more than one entry if you wish
  • The winning design will become the property of, but your authorship recognition will be retained
  • You must give your full permission for to use your logo design
  • The contest deadline for entries is midnight (GMT/UTC) on Thursday, October 19th, 2006
  • The winner will be announced on News podcast on Saturday, October 21, 2006 as well as our on our website


  • Winner will receive a 3-Month Premium Subscription to, recognition on our podcast, and the opportunity to work with on future design projects
  • Runner-up will receive a 1-Month Premium Subscription to

Where to send your entries…

Please email all entries along with your name, contact information, and a short blurb about yourself to:

You can also direct any further contest questions to this email address.

Thanks for your participation and good luck!

The Team Brought to (Still) Life – Learn Japanese with Anime!

Learn Japanese with! The community does it again! Justin Silvestre, a just-turned-fifteen U.S. based listener, used his remarkable artistic skills to breathe life into a story. Justin-san created an audio anime learning tool based on our Brothers, Brothers series to enhance the community’s learning experience and turn his anime creation into a unique learning experience! This amazing tool allows the listener to play the line-by-line audio over and over while viewing Justin’s amazing and detailed artwork.

To study with this amazing piece of art, stop by and click here!
Or, cut and paste the following link into your browser:

Justin-san, nante sugoi!

On The Road

As we mentioned in today’s news, we recently received a very interesting email from Jimmy-san in Virginia. Imagine driving down the road, listening to the latest podcast (what else would you be listening to), when all of the sudden you notice something familiar on the license plate in front of you. You squint trying to make it out, and then it hits you – JPOD101.

Jimmy-san's License Plate

If this were to actually happen, you would be looking at Jimmy-san’s car. That’s right, he actually got JPOD101 on his license plate! As promised, here is the picture of the license plate! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Thank you everyone!

Mina-san, hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!本当にありがとうございます!

We just wanted to take the time to thank all our listeners. Thanks to you, was mentioned in the Japan Times.

Thanks to YOU the listeners, our Japanese community will be exposed to a larger audience as a result of this coverage. would like to thank YOU for the role you played in this and for increasing exposure of the language we all love! Thank you! Arigatou Gozaimasu!ありがとうございます!!

Emails- Thanks for the feedback!

Hello Everyone, back for some email reveiws. First up is イギリスのクリスさん, Kris-san from the� United Kingdom. He sent us a great email with of story about using Japanese. Thanks Kris-san that is just the type of stuff we feed off of! ありがとうございます!!Please keep them coming.

マービンさん、東京から今晩は、というとこんにちは、ですね。リンクの件でありがとうございました!助かりました。 Thank you so much for our first German review! We loved it! That line is classics about getting it translated at Erklaren. どうもありがとうございました。

Alexander-san, thank you for the email and the kind words! It is great to know that you are picking up words, we do try to include a lot of what regular Japanese tend to say, as opposed to what is in textbooks. Interesting question about what’s next! We have to see what develops, but could be something in the works, sooner than you think!
As for Natsuko and our Alpha-male, they’ll be back! Last few weeks were really hectic, but we’ll get Kazu and Natsuko back down to the show.