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Emails- Thanks for the feedback!

Hello Everyone, back for some email reveiws. First up is イギリスのクリスさん, Kris-san from the� United Kingdom. He sent us a great email with of story about using Japanese. Thanks Kris-san that is just the type of stuff we feed off of! ありがとうございます!!Please keep them coming.

マービンさん、東京から今晩は、というとこんにちは、ですね。リンクの件でありがとうございました!助かりました。 Thank you so much for our first German review! We loved it! That line is classics about getting it translated at Erklaren. どうもありがとうございました。

Alexander-san, thank you for the email and the kind words! It is great to know that you are picking up words, we do try to include a lot of what regular Japanese tend to say, as opposed to what is in textbooks. Interesting question about what’s next! We have to see what develops, but could be something in the works, sooner than you think!
As for Natsuko and our Alpha-male, they’ll be back! Last few weeks were really hectic, but we’ll get Kazu and Natsuko back down to the show.