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An Iyaku-Rich Sentence


Iyakuhin ni tsuite no bunsho no hon’yaku o tanomareta node iyaku shitara, sore wa goyaku da toshite iyakukin o torareta.

I was asked to translate a document on medical supplies, and I did a liberal translation, but they claimed that it was a mistranslation and fined me for it.

医薬品 (iyakuhin: medical supplies)
     medicine + medicine + goods
文書 (bunsho: document)     document + document
翻訳 (hon’yaku: translation)     to translate + to translate
(tano(mu): to request)
意訳 (iyaku: free translation, liberal translation)
     meaning + to translate
誤訳 (goyaku: mistranslation)     to err + to translate
違約金 (iyakukin: penalty for breach of contract)
     to break + contract + money
(to(ru): to take)

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