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The Top 10 Words You’ll Hear In Anime!

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Hey Listeners!

Are you a big fan of anime? Then this is the list for you!

There are thousands of different words that are spoken in anime these days. Too many to count. However, there are certain words that have a funny way of showing up in many different series! Today, you’ll learn the top 10 words that you’re sure to hear while watching your favorite anime shows!

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1. Kawaii (かわいい)
Definition: Cute, Adorable

This is a word that is constantly used in Japanese culture. It basically describes anything that can be seen as cute, such as a stuffed animal or a pretty dress!

2. Sugoi (すごい)
Definition: Amazing, great

You’ll often hear this word when a character is surprised or impressed! It can convey the same meaning as “amazing” or “superb.”

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3. Senpai (先輩)
Definition: Someone who is your senior, most commonly at school or in the workplace

In many shows, the main character often has an older friend. This leads to the frequent use of this word. The popular phrase “Notice me, senpai!” also plays on the frequent use of the word.

4. Baka (ばか)
Definition: Idiot, stupid

Usually used in a playful manner, this word is used to describe someone as “dumb” or “an idiot.” This is usually said in an attempt to poke fun at the main character.

5. Oniisan (お兄さん)
Definition: Older brother

The anime shows of today feature an abundance of older brothers, so this is one that’s sure to come up quite often. It is almost always used by the little sister character in the show.

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6. Daijōbu (大丈夫)
Definition: Okay, good

Often used in a way similar to the phrase “it’s going to be alright,” this word essentially means “okay” and is frequently used when a character is trying to cheer someone else up!

7. Imōto (妹)
Definition: Younger sister

Many shows feature a younger sister character, hence the popularity of this word.

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8. Tomodachi (友達)
Definition: Friend

A simple word meaning “friend” or “friends.” This is quite common, since of course, anime is filled with lots of friendship!

9. Ureshiii (嬉しい)
Definition: Happy, glad

You’ll often hear this word when a character is extremely happy or relieved! For example, it is often used when a character thinks that someone is angry with them, but then finds out otherwise.

10. Otaku (おたく)
Definition: Someone who is obsessed with something, usually referring to anime/manga

This is a common term that is usually applied to fans of anime, manga, and even video games.

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How many of these words did you already know? Remember, these are just the most common words that you’re likely to come across. If you want to start understanding more of your favorite shows, sign up for a FREE lifetime account and start studying with us today!

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