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Choose One Quiz: どちらが好きですか?(Which do you like?)

Which do you like?
どちらが好きですか? (Dochira ga sukidesu ka?)

We’re having another Choose One Quiz. Which do you like, 親子丼(oyakodon) or 牛丼(gyūdon)? Choose one and let us know!

親子丼(oyakodon) vs 牛丼(gyūdon)

Which do you like?

A. 親子丼(oyakodon)
Oyakodon Is a combination of chicken, egg, green onion and various other ingredients that is put over rice to create a rice bowl. The litereal translation of this dishes name is parent-and-child-donburi.

B. 牛丼(gyūdon)
Gyūdon is a Japanese rice bowl that uses cooked beef and onions on top of rice. The dish may also include noodles, and commonly has a raw egg poured on top of it.

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