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New Years Resolution To Learn Japanese? No. We’re Starting Now!

Hi listener,

Where will you be in 6 months? And your Japanese? Successful students plan ahead. They don’t leave learning Japanese to luck.

So, when 2014 comes around and most people are just starting their Japanese resolutions, you’ll be 6 months ahead (if not more!)

Forget the 2014 Resolution, start Japanese now!
Grab 6 months of JapanesePod101 Premium for $66 – that’s 45% OFF! With Premium, you unlock 1,800+ Japanese lessons (new lessons published weekly), PDF lesson notes, Premium Tools and Exclusive Inner Circle Access!
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You Speak Japanese From Day One. Want to speak quickly and confidently? You need to be exposed to conversation right now. In every JapanesePod101 lesson, you instantly jump into everyday Japanese conversation. We guide you through and teach you how to respond.

You Read Along. Here’s Why It WORKS: Imagine getting a transcript to every conversation you hear. You’ll know every word. You’ll keep up with fast, natural conversation. And best of all, you’ll master Japanese in half the time. With PDF Lesson notes, you get the lesson in writing – the transcripts, translations, word lists and grammar explanations.

And You Cut Learning Time In Half With Premium Study Tools. Serious about mastering Japanese? With Premium you unlock the Tools – the word lists, spaced repetition flashcards, word bank, and more – that with consistent use will massively improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills.

So EXACTLY What Am I Getting With My 6-Month Premium Account?

  • Learning Guidance: We help you start learning Japanese. Set your learning level and begin a lesson that’s perfect for you.
  • The JapanesePod101 Lesson Library: 1,800+ lessons and counting. Audio & Video lessons from Beginner to Advanced.
  • PDF Lesson Notes For Every Lesson: Read along with these detailed explanations.
  • Mobile Web App: Access lessons and lesson notes on any mobile device.
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard: An easy way to track your study progress.
  • 2000 Must-Know Words List: Enough for conversational fluency.
  • Smart Online Flashcards: Learn vocabulary fast and create your own study decks.
  • Your Personal Word Bank: Save new words here to review later.
  • Line-By-Line Pronunciation: Perfect your accent with dialogue breakdown.
  • 1-Click Lesson Downloads: Download any series with the Premium iTunes Feed.

And Exclusive Inner Circle Access for 6 Month Subscribers.

  • For 6 Month Subscribers ONLY. The Inner Circle is a monthly, no-holds barred newsletter giving you insider tips and success strategies to mastering Japanese from the people who’ve been there. For dedicated learners only.

Click Here To Get 6 Months of Unlimited Japanese Learning For $66!

Where Will Your Japanese Be In 6 Months? Make the decision to master Japanese. Nobody’s ever gotten fluent by hoping to maybe, someday, possibly learn a language.

And get a 6-month Premium membership for $66. That’s a big 45% off and our biggest deal of the year so far. The 6-Month Premium Sale Ends Friday, June 28th, 2013.

Click Here To Get 6 Months of Unlimited Japanese Learning For $66!