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A Bowling Tournament

Today, we bring you another blog post from Motoko, lesson creator, host and Office Party Planner! Motoko will be sharing more bilingual posts on our blog, so check back often and leave a comment!

Hello everyone, Motoko here. Today’s post is a report from our bowling tournament!

The full-time staff at Innovative Language Learning (which I’ll call just Innovative from now on) all took part in a bowling tournament. Initially we were going to have a team-on-team match, but we ended up playing as individuals.
A グループ対抗戦 (gurūpu taikōsen) means, just as you can see from the Kanji characters, competing as a group. Conversely, a 個人戦 (kojinsen), individual match, is when you yourself are your only ally and you compete against everyone else.

This time we went to a bowling alley in Shibuya, an area popular with young people. In the other lanes there were lots of office workers and students enjoying themselves, too. When someone got a strike or a spare, an animation came up on the screen saying “Strike!”, showing the pins falling down. Do the screens in the bowling alleys in your country do this too?

Incidentally, the bowling alley we went to was one facility in an entertainment complex that also had things like karaoke (カラオケ), table tennis (卓球 takkyū), and billiards (ビリヤード biriyādo). Everyone who went bowling at the complex received a free half hour of karaoke. Given that it’s difficult to get a karaoke session over within just half an hour, this is marketing rather than an actual free service. Be careful about these seemingly good deals! Lured in by these sweet promises, for the after-party we split into two groups: one for karaoke, and one for table tennis (our boss Peter really wanted to play!).

Sometimes it’s good to do social things that get you moving, isn’t it?

A ボウリング大会