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Kanji Scrabble #21: 口 Have Fun Learning with Kanji Scrabble: a Kanji Game Just for Twitter!

The Kanji for this week are as follows: (Remember, each compound must use the Kanji in the brackets [ ].)

Kanji Scrabble #21, Key Kanji: [口]


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Kanji Kana English
一口 ひとくち (n) (1) mouthful/bite/sip/draft/draught/(2) one word/(P)/
万口 ばんこう (n) (mouths of) many people/
先口 せんくち (n) previous preconception/previous engagement/
半口 はんくち (n) half share/
口先 くちさき (n) (1) lip service/mere words/professions/(2) lips/mouth/snout/proboscis/(P)/
口口 くちぐち (n) each entrance/every mouth/
口外 こうがい (n,vs,adj-no) disclosure/reveal (i.e. a secret)/
口気 こうき (n) bad breath/intimation/
口火 くちび (n) fuse/spark plug/cause (of war)/origin (of a quarrel)/(P)/
口語 こうご (n,adj-no) (1) spoken language/(2) literary style based on (modern) spoken language/(P)/
後口 あとくち (n) (1) aftertaste/(2) later (in line or in turn, etc.)/
火口 かこう (n) crater/caldera/
空気口 くうきこう (n) vent/