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Forum Spotlight: How to buy tickets to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo

Welcome to Forum Spotlight! Here we’ll be introducing interesting and useful posts made by members at our very own JapanesePod101.com Forum. This week’s forum spotlight post is by mint, who asked how to buy tickets to the famous Ghibli museum (for the works of animator Hayao Miyazaki) in Mitaka, Tokyo. Forum users robopanda and fangorn responded with the answer and a useful link!

Question from mint
I’m trying to buy my tickets just now as i fly out in a week’s time and havent got anything sorted out yet haha, Well i have my hostel’s etc and rail ticket etc but no set plans on what were doing for 2 weeks…

Anyone know where we can get them? I believe we can get some at Lawson’s shop?? Im guessing Lawson’s is like an AM/PM? Is the sign Yellow and Blue? I think i remember it from last time i was in Japan back in Jan…. If so, What do i say to them? I was told if i mention “Totoro” to them they will understand with My Neighbor Totoro being pretty famous in Japanese Anime?

Answer from robopanda

I had to buy the tickets in japan as well. In the lawson convenience store, there is a machine called “Loppi” that looks like a ATM but it sells tickets for concerts and sports events.

Heres a link to the instuctions to use the machine to buy tickets for the Ghibli museum:


I hope that helps a bit. It’s not too difficult using the L-code, but I’m sure if you need help the staff can do it for you.

** More Advice from fangorn**

Yes, you can follow the instructions in this page to buy the ticket. However, it was missing one last step. After Step 7, the system will ask you for your name. So you will need to enter a proper full name in Katakana/Kanji (e.g. surname <SPACE> firstname) before proceeding to Step 8.

Thank you robopanda and fangorn for that useful information! The Ghibli museum in Tokyo is a great place to visit, so definitely stop by if you get the chance 🙂
You can find a lot more useful information and tips like this at the JapanesePod101.com Forum, so stop by and join in the many discussions with fellow listeners and the JPOD101 crew!