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Kanji Scrabble #11: Have Fun Learning with Kanji Scrabble: a Kanji Game Just for Twitter!

The Kanji for this week are as follows: (Remember, each compound must use the Kanji in the brackets [ ].)

Kanji Scrabble #11 [本] 気、言、国、人、手、社、生、一、会、道 (Learn How to Play Here)

To start, all you need is a Twitter account and to follow our Twitter account @japanesepod101

(What’s Twitter you ask? Read our guide here.)


Kanji Kana English
一本 いっぽん (n) (1) one long cylindrical thing/(2) one version/(3) (a) certain book/(4) (a) blow/(5) an experienced geisha/(P)/
一本気 いっぽんぎ (adj-na,n) (a) one-track mind/monotony/
一本道 いっぽんみち (n) direct unforked road/straight path/
国本 こくほん (n) foundation of the nation/
手本 てほん (n) (1) copybook/(2) model/pattern/(P)/
本人 ほんにん (n,adj-no) the person himself/(P)/
本会 ほんかい (n) formal meeting (committee, etc.)/session/
本国 ほんごく (n) one’s own country/(P)/
本国人 ほんごくじん (n) native/citizen/
本手 ほんて (n) one’s true ability/the right way/professional/
本本 もともと (adv,adj-no) originally/by nature/from the start/
本気 ほんき (adj-na,n,adj-no) seriousness/truth/sanctity/(P)/
本社 ほんしゃ (n) (1) head office/main office/headquarters/(2) main shrine/(3) this company/this shrine/(P)/
本道 ほんどう (n) highway/main road/the right road/
生一本 きいっぽん (adj-na,n) straight-forwardness/honesty/purity/