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Too Convenient?

Many listeners tell us when and where they listen to our podcasts.  At school, in the car, while walking their dogs, on the train, etc. But maybe sometimes it’s TOO convenient…  Simon wrote in to tell us where he has listened to our podcast and about a time when he made a funny mistake while living with a host family in Japan.

“I’m an avid fan of Japanese Pod 101. I love the lessons and I listen to them at every opportunity I get (including on the toilet! Whoops – too much information!).

Anyway, here’s my Japanese learning story:

I was very privileged to do home stay for nine months the first time I lived in Japan (about 8 years ago). My home stay family were wonderful and they went out of their way to make me feel welcome and at home. I still keep in touch with them today.

I always tried to use humble language with them (kenson no keigo). Far example, whenever I left the house I would say “Itte maerimasu!” instead of the more usual “Itte kimasu!”.

One day, I was heading out and I needed a plastic bag to carry some things in. So I went to my host mother and asked her in the politest way that I knew how, ‘Ofukuro ga hoshi desu!’. I didn’t realize the blunder that I had made until a few days later my host mother explained that ‘ofukuro’ means ‘mother’! Amazingly, at the time she kept a straight face and handed me a bag! lol

Thanks for helping me avoid more of these funny mistakes!”

Great story Simon, I think we all share the embarrassment of saying something like that before.   And in the future, try to take a few breaks while studying! 😉