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When did you start learning Japanese?  High school? College? Or as a hobby after work each evening?

One of our listeners, Zach, couldn’t wait and started when he was 11 years old!  He really loves studying Japanese and was VERY enthusiastic to tell us his story:

“Konnichiwa, I’m Zach. I’m 12 years old, from the Philippines.

Zach, one of our youngest listeners of JapanesePod101!I started learning Japanese last March. I was influenced by my friend Ki-el who was already 16 years old. When he told me of Japanese I was very thrilled. He introduced to me katakana and hiragana.  We learned Japanese together, practiced katakana and hiragana together, and I even helped him learn kanji.

I was very addicted to Japanese that I always talked about it all the time, to my friends in school and in church, to my teachers and even my parents. I researched all over the internet and found you guys!!  I always check out your website every time you release a new episode. I even planned now to subscribe for a 1-month subscription with my friend Paul, 10 or 11 years old who also learns Japanese. I’m so excited about this  offer. I think I deserve one of those FREE subscriptions because I am DEFINITELY one of your biggest fans.”

We were so happy to hear we have a young audience like  Zach and Paul that we decided to help them out with a free Premium subscription.

How old were you when you started learning Japanese?