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Aspiring Manga Creator

Yuri sent us an e-mail last week about why she’s studying Japanese.  Being half-Japanese and growing up outside of Japan, she told us she really wants to improve, but has trouble picking up the language.

“I am half-Japanese on my mother’s side. Although she wasn’t taught Japanese growing up she encouraged me to learn, and as I got older I began to want to learn the language myself. I have used many resources over the years but never have I found as great a listening comprehension resource as Japanesepod.

When I found Japanesepod I had already studied for several years, and so was able to jump right in at the intermediate/upper intermediate levels. I also greatly enjoyed Miki’s Blog because it was at just the right level for me, with the bonus of learning a lot about Japanese culture.
I don’t think I have a favorite section — I really am enjoying the onomatopoeic section, though 🙂
I love sound-words. And as an aspiring OEL manga creator, I just wish English had more of them!”

For those who don’t know, ‘manga’ are Japanese comic books. They’re often turned into full length animated shows called ‘anime’. OEL means “Originally English Language”, so Yuri hopes to create Japanese style comic books in the English Language.

Good luck with that Yuri, I hope you do well!

I’m a big fan of the manga One Piece.  It’s a long, but casual and fun story about pirates.  To study and practice Japanese I used to translate chapters for other fans.  Does anyone have a favorite manga series? Let me know your favorite series or why you’re studying the language!