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New Lesson Browser and Grammar Bank Search

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. With the year coming to a close we managed to squeeze in two more exciting enhancements.

Lesson Browser
The new lesson browser was developed with simplicity and convenience in mind. Broken down into “Core Lessons” and “Extra Lessons”, this new features lets you quickly find the lessons you love. The new browser offers the following functionality:

  • Brief description of each lesson level for new users coming in contact with JapanesePod101.com for the first time
  • A Quick Jump menu to quickly find your favorite lessons within a particular level
  • Sort functionality to arrange lessons by date (newest first or oldest first)
  • A global search functionality to find any lesson by searching the title or description fields.

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Grammar Bank Search
With over 100 Japanese grammar constructions, the Grammar Bank, available in our Premium Learning Center, was getting a bit unwieldy. So to make finding grammar items a bit easier, we’ve added a full text search functionality. Search the Kanji, Kana, English, Samples, Formation, Notes, and Explanation fields to find the grammar you want to master.

Grammar Search

As for future features, our content and product development teams have a ton of new and exciting enhancements for 2008. So stay tuned for more announcements.

As always, leave us a comment and let us know what you think of these new features and how we can make them better.

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Thank you for a wonderful 2007, and a happy and healthy New Year to everyone.