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What Are You Doing?

Poking around youtube, as I am often of wont to do, I came across ピタゴラスイッチ1, a kids TV show. The main demographic of ピ・ス seems to be Japanese first graders, which suits me fine, as my Japanese is at about that level. I found a series called 「なにしてるの?」2 Each short clip is only a minute or so, and I have learnt something from every single one.

In each one, three boys are seen in a playground. One notices an adult doing really weird exercises, and is heard to remark 「何してる」3. Eventually one succumbs to the others’ badgering of 「聞いて来いよ」4, wanders over and asks 「おじさん、何やってるの?」5 He explains the weird procedure he is going through, and a clip explains it a bit better.

I discovered the verb which 愛香6 explained to me as the verb ‘to spray’, a new way of eating noodles, and a game involving snatching cards.

These clips not only help me learn vocab, but appeal to my Monty Python sense of humour.
The vocabulary is explained in such a unique way (a guy in a tracksuit acts them out in a playground) that I’m sure I’ll never forget these words. And I haven’t even seen all the episodes yet!

So if you’re interested, head to youtube and search for 「なにしてるの」 if you’re interested!

Do you have any youtube clips that help you learn 日本語?

1Pitagorasuichi, or in English form, Pythagoras Switch.
2Nani shiteru no? What are you doing?
3Nani shiteru? What are you doing? Almost the same meaning as 2.
4Kiite Koi yo. Go and ask him.
5Ojisan, nani yatteru? Old man, what are you doing?
6Aika, my girlfriend.