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Samurai Theologian in Tokyo – Blue Parrot


Daniel here. Reporting for

In the Samurai Theologian in Tokyo series, I plan to give a behind-the-scenes look at and to provide reviews of places and events in and around Tokyo. Some reviews, like the previous one on anpan, will look at more traditional Japanese topics. However, I also plan to review spots where foreigners can get a taste of home.

In this entry, I review the Blue Parrot, a used book store in Tokyo that caters to the needs of English-speakers. The Blue Parrot is located in Takadanobaba near the station. The station is on the Yamanote Line, the line that circles Tokyo. It is also served by the Seibu-Shinjuku Line as well as the Tozai Subway Line. From the train station, take the Waseda-dori exit and turn right as you leave the station. Cross the street and walk up the left side of Waseda-dori approximately 200 meters. From the subway line, take the #6 exit, turn right and walk about 100 meters. For a map, visit their website.

The Blue Parrot has a large selection of English books from a plethora of categories. There are also DVDs, CDs, video tapes, and more. Books are priced at a fraction of the list price, and single DVDs sell for 980 yen, while CDs sell for 2 for 500 yen.

You can sell you books for cash or store credit. If you opt for cash, the amount is fairly low, so most people go with the credit option. So as you clean out your apartment and bring in your old books, you can use your credit to obtain new books and DVDs. They also have a point card system where you receive a stamp for every 1000 yen spent, which you can save up for more store credit.

If you are also looking for a place to check your email or surf the internet, the Blue Parrot also has computers with internet access for 100 yen for 20 minutes. And now, they have an online bookstore. You can access the online store.

I have found the Blue Parrot to have a good selection at a fair price. In fact the DVDs may be underpriced, with the exception of some TV series on DVD. But, they are considering their policy on DVD sets, so this may change for the better as well.

For more information about the Blue Parrot, visit their main website at and their online store.

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