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My Way with Words

Good evening, friends.

How do you study vocabulary? Kanji?
Certainly there are many ways, and surely a good number of them are effective, especially considering that we are all unique individuals who learn in different ways. In addition to being a different person than you, I also live in a different environment than many of you – Japan, in particular. Perhaps this combination of factors (or perhaps simply the living in Japan part) will pique your interest in learning more about one of the ways in which I study vocabulary and kanji. And of course, it can’t hurt to read about one of the methods of just one more student of the beautiful language that we are all studying together – Japanese.

Beginning next week (yes, I plan to be quite lazy this weekend), every Thursday you can vicariously experience the path that I travel each time I can read a new word around me that I do not understand. Although our circumstances may be different, I hope that you can gain some insight from my methods. So check back here next Thursday.

If nothing else, I think you just might learn a new word or two.