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Everyone Wins! If You Played Kanji Scrabble Last Week, You’re a Winner!

Thanks for playing and for all the great feedback on our first-ever Kanji Scrabble game!

30+ people played Kanji Scrabble #01 by putting their answers on Twitter.
Several more visited the blog and offered feedback and advice.

When we created the game, we had no idea how it would go.  You took a chance on us by playing, so we want to say “Thank You!” for help making the game a success.

So what do you win?

Everyone who answered on Twitter or commented on the blog entry gets a 1-month Basic Subscription ($8). Our way of saying thank you!

What do you do if you’ve won?

If you played, you won.

Simply e-mail us with your JapanesePod101 username and Twitter username. (You’ll need to be a member for us to upgrade you.  so If you’re not already a member, sign up and then email us.)

*Moving forward, we will be offering prizes. So stay tuned for more!

What is Kanji Scrabble?

In short, it’s a fun and interactive way to learn Kanji on Twitter.

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Kanji Scrabble #01: Answers and Meanings

Thank you to all the Kanji Scrabble Twitter users and Bloggers!


I think this is a really fun use of Twitter and am personally looking forward to each new game!

We’ll also post an update via blog post with detailed answers including the meaning and both Kana and Romaji readings to help you learn new vocabulary.  There were a few compounds that weren’t noticed so this should be great for all levels of learners.

Kanji Scrabble #1 Answers

Kanji Kana English Meaning
Sun, sunshine, day
一日 いちじつ One day, first off the month
一日一日 いちにちいちにち Gradually, day-by-day
一日中 いちにちじゅう Throughout the day
三十日 さんじゅうにち Thirty days, thirtieth day
三日 みっか Three days, the third (of the month)
中日 ちゅうにち、なかび China and Japan, the middle day, the equinoctial day
二十日 はつか Twenty days, the twentieth (of the month)
二日 ふつか Second day of the month, two days
十日 とおか Tenth day, ten days
日中 にっちゅう Daytime, during the day, Sino-Japanese
日日 にちにち Everyday, daily, day after day
日時 にちじ Date and time
日本 にっぽん/にほん Japan
日本一 にっぽんいち/にほんいち Japan’s best, number one in Japan
日本中 にっぽんじゅう/にほんじゅう Throughout Japan
日本人 にっぽんじん/にほんじん Japanese person
時日 じじつ Date and time
本日 ほんじつ Today