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Kanji Scrabble #20: 社 First 5 Tweets with At least 3 Correct WIN a Prize!

This week marks the 20th Kanji Scrabble! Thank you so much for playing each time so far!

To celebrate, we’ll be giving away FREE 1 month subscription to the first 5 tweets with at least 3 correct answers.

Already have a subscription? Then we’ll extend your current subscription by 1 month!

Kanji Scrabble #20, Key Kanji: [社]


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Kanji Kana English
一人会社 いちにんかいしゃ (n) one man company/
人間社会 にんげんしゃかい (n) human society/
会社 かいしゃ (n) (1) company/corporation/(2) workplace/(P)/
会社人間 かいしゃにんげん (n) company (organization) man (person)/corporate soldier/
会社名 かいしゃめい (n) company name/corporate name/
入社 にゅうしゃ (n,vs) entry to a company/(P)/
小社 しょうしゃ (n) (1) (hum) our company (lit: small company)/my company/(2) small shrine/
来社 らいしゃ (n,vs) visit to a company/
社会 しゃかい (n) society/public/(P)/
社会人 しゃかいじん (n) working adult/full-fledged member of society/(P)/
社友 しゃゆう (n) colleague/company friend/
社名 しゃめい (n) name of company/(P)/