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Kanji Scrabble #15: 下 Have Fun Learning with Kanji Scrabble: a Kanji Game Just for Twitter!

The Kanji for this week are as follows: (Remember, each compound must use the Kanji in the brackets [ ].)

Kanji Scrabble #15, Key Kanji: [下]

車、中、上、道、高、足、金、水、火、目 (Learn How to Play Here)

To start, all you need is a Twitter account and to follow our Twitter account @japanesepod101

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Kanji Kana English
上下 うえした (n) high and low/up and down/unloading and loading/praising and blaming/(P)/
上下水道 じょうげすいどう (n) water and sewer services/
上中下 じょうちゅうげ (n) excellent-good-poor/first-second-third (class)/
下下 したじた (n) the lower classes/the common people/
下水 げすい (n) (1) drainage/ditch/gutter/sewerage/(2) sewage/black water/(P)/
下水道 げすいどう (n) drain/sewer/drainage system/(P)/
下火 したび (n) burning low/waning/declining/(P)/
下目 しため (n) downward glance/contemptuous look/
下足 げそ (n) squid tentacles/
下車 げしゃ (n,vs) alighting (from train, bus, etc.)/getting off/(P)/
下道 したみち (n) (1) down-town/the lower town/(2) minor road/
下金 したがね (n) basic metal (in an art object)/old metal/
水上下 みずかみしも (n) light blue samurai costume commonly worn when committing suicide/
目下 めした (n) subordinate(s)/inferior(s)/junior/(P)/
足下 あしもと (n) (1) at one’s feet/underfoot/(2) gait/pace/step/(pn) (3) you/thou/(P)/
高下 こうげ (n,vs) rise and fall (prices)/superiority and inferiority (rank)/