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Kanji Scrabble #19: 道 Have Fun Learning with Kanji Scrabble: a Kanji Game Just for Twitter!

The Kanji for this week are as follows: (Remember, each compound must use the Kanji in the brackets [ ].)

Kanji Scrabble #19, Key Kanji: [道]


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Kanji Kana English
上気道 じょうきどう (n) upper respiratory tract/upper airway/
人道 じんどう (n) humanity/sidewalk/footpath/(P)/
入道 にゅうどう (n) (1) (Buddh) entering the priesthood/priest/monk/(2) man with a shaven head/(3) bald-headed monster/
大入道 おおにゅうどう (n) large, bald-headed monster/a giant/
大道 たいどう (n) main street/avenue/
小道 こみち (n) path/lane/
新道 しんどう (n) new road/
早道 はやみち (n) shortcut/
気道 きどう (n) respiratory tract/air duct/
車道 しゃどう (n) roadway/(P)/
道道 みちみち (adv,n) along the way/along the road/
食道 しょくどう (n,adj-no) esophagus/gullet/esophageal/(P)/