Speaking with Japanese-Speaking Family Members

13 Lessons • 2 Hours, 38 Minutes
Is your partner a native Japanese speaker? These lessons will help you communicate and get along with their family!
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Bringing it All Together
Learn about discussing family
14 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Your Family in Japanese
Learn how to talk about your family
13 Minutes • Audio
Meet The Parents 1
Learn the humble forms for "to speak" and "to do"
16 Minutes • Audio
How should I refer to family members?
Learn how to refer to family members
2 Minutes • Video
What to Say When You Visit a Japanese Home
Learn appropriate words and phrases for visiting a Japanese home
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Will They Say if You Come Bearing Gifts in Japan?
Learn about useful expressions visiting someone's house
15 Minutes • Audio
These Japanese Interjections Aren't Impolite!
Learn how to how to respond to someone in a conversation
9 Minutes • Audio
Your First Impression—Don't Blow it!
Learn how to discuss present continuing actions
15 Minutes • Audio
Learn what the difference between 'arigato' and 'domo' is
2 Minutes • Video
Where is Your Hometown?
Learn about talking about where you come from
13 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Etiquette: Visiting a Home
Learn how to enter Japanese home respectfully and show that you're sensitive to the culture
16 Minutes • Audio
Talking about Possession in Japanese
Learn how to use the Japanese particle no
14 Minutes • Audio
Best Wishes for the Japanese New Year
Learn how to say "Mr" and "Ms"
10 Minutes • Audio