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Nihongo Doujou - Conversation Starters: Meeting New People in Japan Made Easy!
Learn about introductions and greetings
27 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Asking the Right Questions in Japanese!
Learn about usage of -san and asking questions
19 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - I'm Sorry, Where Is The Japanese Food I Can Eat?!
Learn about non-past polite
23 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are You Prepared if You Catch a Cold in Japan?!
Learn about particles
19 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - In Japan, It's All in the Numbers
Learn about numbers 1-10 and 'what' questions
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Money Makes the World Go Round in Japan
Learn about numbers 100-1000 and asking for prices
21 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - How Much Did You Say That Costs in Japanese?!?!
Learn about the use of 'this' and numbers 1000+
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are You in Control of Your Possessions in Japan?
Learn about how to say something is yours
18 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Style versus Function in Japan: Whose Umbrella is THAT?!
Learn about asking about origin
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Fortunes of Rain in Japan
Learn about asking for the price and asking about the origin
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Hottest Way to Break the Ice in Japan!
Learn about -i adjective sentence ending with -ne particle
22 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Where Can You Go in Japan That Leaves You Feeling More Beautiful Inside AND Out?
Learn about possessive no and -na adjective ending change with -desu form
18 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Have You Forgotten in Japan Today?
Learn about -i adjectives and -na adjectives
19 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - A Japanese Double Mac Attack
Learn about more adjectives
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - This Is Just Your Cup of Japanese Tea!!
Learn about review the -na and -i adjectives 終助詞 and how to describe people
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Time and Traffic Wait for No One in Japan!
Learn about asking for time, use of -made
12 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Make Sure You Have the Time of Your Life in Japan!
Learn about time, from __ until __
13 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Get Me to the Church, No, Make That the Hotel in Japan on Time!
Learn about duration of time
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Japanese Days in a Daze
Learn about last week, this week, next week, days of the week
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Talking About Dates in Japanese
Learn about asking about dates
13 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Singing to Your Own Japanese Music
Learn about non-past polite -masu from of verb
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - You'll Be On the Go in Japan Soon, too!
Learn about particle -de (in/at) and -to (with)
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Where is Your Japanese Taking You...and How Will You Get There?
Learn about particle -de (by), -e and -ni, masu form of verbs
11 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - You're Going, Going, Gone in Japan!
Learn about verbs with time expressions, polite negative form of verbs
17 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Mastering the Japanese Telephone Dance!
Learn about verbs and interrogative word review
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Horror of the English Telephone Call
Learn about showing comparison
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What You Don't Eat at Home, You Might Eat in Japan!
Learn about showing comparison
18 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Key to Getting it for FREE in Japan!
Learn about telling existence for animated and inanimate objects
17 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - They Are Here, There, and Everywhere in Japanese!
Learn about telling existence for animated and inanimate objects with location
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - How Many People Are in Your Japanese Dinner Party?
Learn about ordering food at a restaurant
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Curious Case of the Japanese Ramen Waiters
Learn about telling how many people and objects there are
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are You in Just the Right Place in Japan?
Learn about telling the location
13 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Japanese That Can Take You to the Four Corners of the World!
Review four cardinal points
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - It's All About Location, Location, Location in Japan!
Review about asking and giving direction
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Kind of Japanese Car Did You Say You Like?
Learn about telling and asking one's preferences
18 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Your Love of Japanese Will Drive You to Common Grounds!
Learn about telling and asking one's preferences of liking and disliking
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are the Pangs of Hunger the Only Pains You Need to Worry About in Japan?
Learn about complaining about one's health condition
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - In Japan, Flattery Will Get You Everywhere!
Learn about describing characteristics of a person or a thing
12 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Kind of People Will Japanese Help You Find?
Learn about describing people's personalities and physical qualities
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Making Connections in Japanese!
Learn about describing personality
11 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Combining Adjectives in Japanese: They Are Lively and Funny!
Learn about describing person and useful expressions greeting guests
17 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Will They Say if You Come Bearing Gifts in Japan?
Learn about useful expressions visiting someone's house
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Don't Be Alarmed...Your Japanese Can Help You Find Everything You've Lost!
Learn about describing one's item
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Great Things Is Your Japanese Cooking Up?
Learn about offering food in casual speech
13 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - How Do You Get More of the Best in Japan?
Learn about offering food in casual speech
13 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Do A Little More to Make Your Japanese Better!!
Learn about comparison in casual speech and polite speech
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Of Course, Some Things in Japan Are Definitely Worth the Wait!
Learn about comparison in casual speech and polite speech
20 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Talk About Your Past in Japanese.
Learn about talking about the past activity
18 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Did Japanese Ever Taste This Good?!
Learn about talking about the past activity
20 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Did You Get Everyone Japanese Souvenirs?
Learn about talking one's experience
25 Minutes • Audio
Meet The Parents 1
Learn the humble forms for "to speak" and "to do"
16 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Etiquette: Visiting a Home
Learn how to enter Japanese home respectfully and show that you're sensitive to the culture
16 Minutes • Audio
Tell Me More About Yourself
Learn how to talk about yourself in a polite manner
12 Minutes • Audio
Daddy is Home
Learn how to say what we want or want to do
16 Minutes • Audio
A Scheme is Hatched
Learn how to say what you don't want
18 Minutes • Audio
The Plot Thickens
Learn the attributive use of the particle ga
16 Minutes • Audio
An Opportunity Arises
Learn about talking on the phone
15 Minutes • Audio
A Second Chance to Make A First Impression
Learn how to extend invitations and how not to answer them when speaking with a potential mother-in-law
16 Minutes • Audio
Taking Orders
Learn to follow instructions in this Japanese lesson
16 Minutes • Audio
Bonding at Break Time
Learn how to understand more simple instructions
16 Minutes • Audio
Three's A Crowd
Learn about the critical Japanese phrases you need to get around
18 Minutes • Audio
Have You Seen Our Garden?
Learn how to ask for explanation using the Japanese phrase "Setsumei shite kudasai"
15 Minutes • Audio
Your First Impression—Don't Blow it!
Learn how to discuss present continuing actions
15 Minutes • Audio
Using Polite Japanese: Your Key to Forming Relationships
Learn to use Japanese verbs like iku, kuru, and kaeru
13 Minutes • Audio
Cans and Can'ts: Asking for and Giving Permission
Learn to use these Japanese words to ask all sorts of questions and give appropriate responses
14 Minutes • Audio
Read, Learn and Speak: Combining Verbs in Japanese
Learn how to combine verbs
15 Minutes • Audio
What are you Going to Bring?
Learn about Mottekite (to bring) and Motteiku (to take)
12 Minutes • Audio
Japanese that Might Save Your Life!
Learn the emergency numbers you need in Japan
13 Minutes • Audio
How Not to Take The Wrong Train in Japan!
Learn how to ask for directions and use public transportation in Japan
14 Minutes • Audio
How Does Your Japanese Compare?
Learn to make comparisons
13 Minutes • Audio
Who are You Being Compared To?
Learn how to make affirmative comparisons
15 Minutes • Audio
“The Best” Japanese is Here!
Learn how to superlative sentences that compare quantity or quality
17 Minutes • Audio
Please Don't Do This!
Learn how to ask someone not to do something using -naide kusasai politely
15 Minutes • Audio
The Most Important Japanese Lesson Yet!
Learn how to change verbs into the past tense
16 Minutes • Audio
Japanese You Can Do Without?
Learn how to use sentences formed as "Do [clause 1] without doing [clause 2]"
14 Minutes • Audio
The Right Way to Sightsee in Japan
Review two verb forms, which are the dictionary form and the masu form
16 Minutes • Audio
Are You Ready for a Visit to Japan?
Review the counters for hours and minutes, and how to form the negative form of a
19 Minutes • Audio
One Word You Can't Speak Japanese Without!
Learn about telling someone to do something
15 Minutes • Audio
Formal and Informal Japanese: Do you Know the Difference?
Learn about talking about something using adjectives
13 Minutes • Audio
Your First Trip to Japan
Learn about talking about past actions
13 Minutes • Audio
My Sincerest Apologies
Learn about saying that one did not do a certain action in the past
14 Minutes • Audio
How Would You Describe Your Past?
Learn about describing how something was
14 Minutes • Audio
Get in on the Volitional Verb Action!
Learn about making a suggestion (let's ~)
15 Minutes • Audio
Is Your Japanese Too Much?
Learn about saying that something is too [adjective]
16 Minutes • Audio
Japanese That's Easy to Do
Learn about saying that something is easy or hard to do
14 Minutes • Audio
I Think You'll Like This...
Learn about expressing your opinion
15 Minutes • Audio
All You Have to do is Ask!
Learn about asking the reason for something
15 Minutes • Audio
Too Easy Japanese!
Review of lessons 34~37
14 Minutes • Audio
Where's Your Japanese Headed?
Learn about stating your purpose for going somewhere
15 Minutes • Audio
Yes or No?
Learn about saying you haven't done a certain action yet
16 Minutes • Audio
Have You Started This Yet?
Learn about talking about actions that have already happened or haven't happened yet
12 Minutes • Audio
Your Japanese Possibilities
Learn about talking about ability and asking permission
16 Minutes • Audio
Your Japanese Abilities
Learn about expressing that one can do something
13 Minutes • Audio
"Able-Bodied" Japanese
Learn about expressing that you can do something part ii
12 Minutes • Audio
What's Your Japanese Potential?
Learn about conjugating the potential forms of verbs
14 Minutes • Audio
Don't Quote Me on This...
Learn about reporting what someone else has said
15 Minutes • Audio
It's Time For a Change!
Learn about talking about change and transformation
16 Minutes • Audio
Transform Your Japanese
Learn more about talking about change and transformation
17 Minutes • Audio
Do You Talk About Other People?
Learn about using sentences to describe someone/something
15 Minutes • Audio
Need a Japanese Review?
Review of past lessons
17 Minutes • Audio
It's Always Sunny in Japan
Learn popular Japanese phrases you'll need to be able to describe the weather
18 Minutes • Audio
What Does Your Future Look Like in Japan?
Learn how to describe your future intentions and plans
17 Minutes • Audio
What's the Japanese Diagnosis?
Learn how to describe how you are feeling
15 Minutes • Audio
I Could Use Some Help Shopping in Japan!
Learn how to form some basic Japanese expressions you can use while shopping
16 Minutes • Audio
You Should Do What This Person Says in Japanese
Learn how to offer a strong suggestion or give advice
16 Minutes • Audio
I Want You to Visit Me in Japan!
Learn how to describe your desires and thoughts
15 Minutes • Audio
I'm Thinking about What to Do Later in Japan
Learn how to say that you "are thinking" about something
16 Minutes • Audio
Somebody Wants to Learn Japanese!
Learn how to describe the wishes of others
15 Minutes • Audio
Why Is That Japanese Phone Ringing off the Hook?
Learn the ways you should identify yourself when you call someone
14 Minutes • Audio
This Japanese Lesson Is Something Special!
Learn the Japanese words that mean "something" and "anything"
14 Minutes • Audio
If Only I Knew What to Call It in Japanese!
Learn how to say what something is named or called
14 Minutes • Audio
After This Japanese Lesson, Nothing Will Ever Be the Same!
Learn how to explain a timeline using Japanese phrases
14 Minutes • Audio
I've Never Lied to You in Japanese!
Learn how to tell someone that you have or don't have some particular experience
14 Minutes • Audio
Now Hear This in Japanese!
Learn how to use the Japanese imperative tense
17 Minutes • Audio
Please Give Me a Discount on that Japanese Item!
Learn how to form polite requests
14 Minutes • Audio
Did You Have a Japanese Makeover?
Learn how to use a Japanese verb to indicate change
12 Minutes • Audio
It Has Come to Be that I Am Addicted to Japanese Food!
Learn how to make a request using -younisuru
16 Minutes • Audio
Opening New Doors in Japan
Learn about transitive and intransitive verbs and how to use them
15 Minutes • Audio
Is Giving Gifts Better than Receiving Them in Japan?
Learn how to talk about the acts of giving and receiving in Japanese using the verbs ageru, kureru, and morau
14 Minutes • Audio
If You Wouldn't Mind, Would You Help Me with This Japanese Problem?
Learn about the verb kureru, which is used to talk about how someone does something for you, and is also used when making a request of someone
12 Minutes • Audio
Taking Baby Steps in a Japanese Kitchen
Learn how to use two Japanese words that mean "only" - dake and shika
13 Minutes • Audio
If You Don't Try This Japanese Activity, How Will You Know Whether You Can Do It?
Learn how to use the Japanese verb that means "to try
14 Minutes • Audio
Did You Hear That Japanese Rumor?
Learn how to use the Japanese words that mean "I heard that
16 Minutes • Audio
I Don't Think This Japanese Restaurant Is That Kind of Place!
Learn humble language, which you can use when you want to be very formal
17 Minutes • Audio
Please Speak Respectfully to My Japanese Parents!
Learn the honorific form of the Japanese language
15 Minutes • Audio
You Can Never Be Too Polite in Japanese
Learn about New Year's customs and greetings while reviewing humble expressions
15 Minutes • Audio
Impress Others with Your Formal Japanese
Learn about useful Japanese expressions for a job interview
13 Minutes • Audio
Finish Your Japanese Beans
Learn how to say "I've done something" in Japanese
13 Minutes • Audio
The Dog Ate My Japanese Homework
Learn how to accept the consequences of our actions
11 Minutes • Audio
Learn This Japanese Verb Ahead of Time
Learn how to say "I did something beforehand"
11 Minutes • Audio
Do Your Japanese a Favor
Learn how to say "to do something for someone"
11 Minutes • Audio
Express Your Gratitude in Japanese
Learn how to thank people for what they have done for you
13 Minutes • Audio
This Helping Verb Will Do a Lot for Your Japanese!
Learn how to say that someone is going to do something for you
14 Minutes • Audio
Making a Formal Request in Japanese
Learn how to make a request
14 Minutes • Audio
Skip These Sounds for More Natural Japanese
Learn about sound omission, which occurs in everyday Japanese conversation
15 Minutes • Audio
This Japanese is Easy to Say
Learn about contracted Japanese expressions
13 Minutes • Audio
Don't Text and Drive in Japan
Learn how to say "do something while doing another action"
13 Minutes • Audio
You Got a Japanese Call While You Were Out
Learn how to say "during" or "while"
13 Minutes • Audio
A Japanese Accident Just Waiting to Happen
Learn how to say "something has just happened" or "someone has just done something"
14 Minutes • Audio
A Series of Unfortunate Events in Japan
Learn how to give a reason for something formally
14 Minutes • Audio
Does Cold Weather Stop You Drinking Japanese Beer?
Learn how to describe the reason for something
17 Minutes • Audio
A Lonely Birthday in Japan
Learn how to how to say "even though"
17 Minutes • Audio
Would You be Able to Move After Running a Japanese Marathon?
Learn how to how to say "if"
15 Minutes • Audio
Do You Gain Weight Even if You're Just Eating Japanese Salad?
Learn how to how to say "even if"
13 Minutes • Audio
Whenever You Have a Moment, Learn Some More Japanese!
Learn how to how to say "whenever"
15 Minutes • Audio
Seeing Ghosts in Japan
Learn how to say "it's supposed to be the case"
15 Minutes • Audio
A Japanese Proposal for your Consideration
Learn how to create the passive form of Japanese verbs
15 Minutes • Audio
Actively Learn This Passive Japanese
Learn how to create passive sentences
14 Minutes • Audio
Partying in a Japanese Haunted House
Learn how to say "looks like"
15 Minutes • Audio
Desperate Times at the Japanese Bank
Review the grammar you learned so far
15 Minutes • Audio