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A New Voice in the Forum and Comments

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, (Formal I know, but “G’Day mates,” might be a bit too casual.)

Sam (AKA Jkid) here. I have been listening to JapanesePod101 since its debut on the web. Its purpose was simple. To make learning Japanese interesting and fun. As a long time learner of Japanese I was, of course, interested in what it might have had to offer.

Since that time I have listened to almost all of the lessons here. At first, that is all I did. However, it didn’t take me long to find my way over to the forums and into the comment section of each lesson where I then began to interact regularly with the great community of people that’s been established here. (Although, it should be noted that in the lesson comments I posted as “A Person” just to change things up a bit.)

The community is in fact the main reason behind my decision to approach JapanesePod101 about the possibility of assisting in some capacity with the running of program when I came to Japan to undertake a year of university studies as an exchange student. Yep, I am here in Japan now! :)

To my surprise they accepted my offer, and I am writing to you all now. To introduce myself as the latest staff member of JapanesePod101. I will be, as always, interacting with the community through the lesson comments and forums and now as an Administrator I will endeavor to take my involvement one step further and do my best to make sure this wonderful website remains spam free and the community continues to prosper!

To the other staff of JapanesePod101, I would like to thank you once more for this great opportunity and for making such a fantastic website through which people can discover how fun learning Japanese can be!

See you all in the forums and lesson comments,

- JKid

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