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JapanesePod101.com 2012 Lesson Schedule

Hello everyone! みなさん、こんにちは!

With 2011 almost coming to a close, we’d like to let you all know about the great lessons we have coming up for you in 2012.
Here is our 2012 lesson schedule:

2011 Lesson Schedule
Mondays: (rotation) → Absolute Beginner Season 2  / Upper Beginner Season 1
Tuesdays: (rotation) → Upper Intermediate Season 5 / Audio Blog Season 5
Wednesdays: No Lessons
Thursdays: Throwback Thursday: Old lessons from the archive
Fridays: Visual Grammar Bank video series (Absolute Beginner)
Saturdays: No Lessons
Sundays: News (2~3 times a month)

Mondays will see a second season of the popular Absolute Beginner Series, along with a brand new series, Upper Beginner (which focuses on keigo used in Japanese announcements).

Tuesdays will see the continuation of the Upper Intermediate series and Advanced Audio Blog series for advanced learners.

Wednesdays will be a break; no lessons will be coming out on this day.

On Thursdays, we will be putting out old lessons selected from the Jpod101 archives. Take a trip down memory lane with these older Jpod101 lessons!

Fridays are reserved for video lessons. We have a great new series, Visual Grammar Bank (Absolute Beginner), that will be coming out first.

Saturdays will be a break; no lessons will be coming out on this day.

And lastly, on Sundays we will continue our News segments that bring you the latest JPod101 and Innovative Language update and promotion information.
That’s our JapanesePod101.com 2012 Lesson schedule.
We hope you continue to enjoy learning Japanese with us in 2012!


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