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mobile (cell phone) - Jpod

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mobile (cell phone) - Jpod

Postby wmitchell » April 10th, 2008 4:41 pm

I just got a lovely new nokia which has an internet browser and I happend to check my fav japanese learning site on it. I was hoping you guys might sometime design a mobile version of the site.. Ie something which i dont have to scroll and also something that the audio will work.

Any chance ???
Im sure others would be interested in this and it would be a great marketing opp as well

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Postby kc8ufv » April 10th, 2008 7:30 pm

I agree. This would be a great idea. I frequently visit from my PDA (Dell Axim V51 running WM5) and need to scroll down about half way before I reach the content. If the site is already using CSS, it could be done by simply creating another sheet that's much simpler. I'm thinking the following order would be good. Items in brackets only show if neccessary. The JP101 logo, [login box], the lessons in a simplified format (Title, description, links to download actually showing in the order Free, Basic, Premium), and text links to the forum, blog, learning center, and download center.

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Postby markystar » April 11th, 2008 1:36 am

i wish there was too. most japanese cellphones have 2 kinds of web browsers on them (one for mobile sites and one for regular sites). but i can't get the audio to work...

i'm sure it's a lot of work to port the site over to a mobile version that would work on every type of cellphone/pda out there though. but i'm not a programmer and honestly don't know anything about the tech side of it. but it sure would be cool! :D

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