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Your view on Premium+ membership

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Your view on Premium+ membership

Postby jontam » December 2nd, 2017 12:28 pm

Hello all,

I am thinking about resubscribing to premium membership and wonder whether I should go for Premium+ this time instead of Premium.

I can understand quite a lot in the Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels reading materials and to a large extent also listening materials. However, since I don't have the chance to speak (I live outside of Japan), every time when I visit Japan I struggle in getting myself understood, and I also don't feel comfortable and confident in the spoken language.

That's why I am thinking about Premium+ with a teacher. However, I wonder how good and often the one-on-one lessons are? Or there are better offers out there online to help improve my spoken language?

Anyone has experience in the Premium+ membership it would be great if you can share your experience and view. お願いします!!

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