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Which way should Is say?

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Which way should Is say?

Postby Nathan7 » December 9th, 2016 9:46 pm

Hi all,

Just starting out learning Japanese, going for 3 months next year, love Japan and Japanese people and can't wait

I thought I'd ask so that I can stick with, and remember the one way to say these two things.

Should I more commonly say:

Watashino namae wa Nathan desu, or, Watashi wa Nathan?


Ohayoo or Ohayoo gozaimasu.

Thank you! :D

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Re: Which way should Is say?

Postby jim.schuler » December 9th, 2016 10:36 pm

More than likely, you would say "Nettan desu."
Or, if you wanted to be formal, "Nettan to moushimasu."

"Nettan" being my guess as to how "Nathan" is rendered in Japanese phonetically (feel free to adjust as desired, but constrain yourself to the pronounceable syllables)

You can include "Watashi wa" if you want, but it's unnecessary and may even be a bit awkward in some situations as "Watashi" can be feminine. I suggest just going without it.

"Watashi no namae" is translated as "I am just learn the Japanese. My name is Nathan. This is a pen."

As for "ohayou" versus "ohayou gozaimasu," it depends on the level of formality. "Ohayou" would be for your friends, "ohayou gozaimasu" would be for your teacher, boss, clients, and likely coworkers as well.
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