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K&S TV YouTube

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K&S TV YouTube

Postby haydenkaye4668 » February 1st, 2016 8:28 am

Hi guys! I'm sure everyone here likes Japan right?

I've been living in Japan over a year now with my Japanese girlfriend. We would really love it if you would come check out our YouTube channel K&S TV!

There are many great YouTubers that make Japan-related content, and it is a great way to get to know Japan and even learn Japanese. So if you're not into the YouTube Japan scene yet, give it a try!

We would really love it if you'd come check out some of our videos, and maybe even subscribe!
Some other great YouTubers (aside from Japanesepod101) are Abroad in Japan, Rachel and Jun, Sharla in Japan!

Thanks for reading, let's give studying our best shot!

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Re: K&S TV YouTube

Postby haydenkaye4668 » February 2nd, 2016 2:54 pm

I thought I'd just tell people my story of how I ended up liking Japan and learning Japanese whilst I'm here!

I started watching anime a long time ago. When I say I started watching anime, I don't mean Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Card Capture etc... because although I watched it, I didn't even know it was Japanese when I was just a little kid.

When I first truly new anime, was when I was 17... almost 9 years ago now, wow. I was at school in a class on my computers, and someone sent me a link to Death Note. Since I had forgotten my earphones that day and couldn't listen to the volume, I decided to watch it (only seeing the subtitles). I was hooked, instantly. I went home and I burnt through the DN episodes like they were a drug. But then I had finished it... It was over... what did I watch after that? 'Try Naruto, that is pretty popular' I was told. 'This... this isn't Death Note... it's not the same...' I thought. But after a certain number of episodes, I was hooked. And the exact same thing happened again, 'try Bleach'.... but this isn't ninjas... but I gave it a chance.

And it was when I learnt to stop trying to compare one anime to another anime that I truly become an anime fan. I've watched over 10,000 different episodes so far. It was obvious my attention would also turn to Japan. Japan seemed like an interesting place full of magic. On a whim, I decided to try learning Japanese, unaware of the long and hard road ahead. As I studied more and more, I got into an addictive routine... The amount of anime I watched decreased, the amount of study time increased. And so, my passion for Japan was born. I still love anime, although now I keep it to a healthy limit.

But after several years of studying Japanese, I hit a wall. Progress... was slow. I needed to go to Japan, I had to if I wanted to improve! But for a shy guy like me with no confidence... going to Japan alone? 'Impossible' I thought. At first I tried to make Japanese friends online... getting the confidence to use my Japanese to actual Japanese people took a while.

When I had made some people I could truly call friends, I decided to plan my trip to Japan. But my trip somehow went from a month, 3 months... 18 months! Now I'm on an 18 month course studying the Japanese language is Kyushu. Seeing many amazing things, and wanting to boost my confidence further, I decided to make a YouTube channel was my Japanese girlfriend.

And that channel is, as I said earlier is K&S TV.
I've told you my story now, even if you don't check out the channel, thanks for reading this far, and never give up on Japanese! ^^

(P.S, I wrote this in one shot without a typo check, so sorry for any mistakes).

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Re: K&S TV YouTube

Postby community.japanese » February 7th, 2016 3:58 pm

haydenkaye4668 san, haydenkaye4668 san,
Thank you for your posts.
I hope you two could enjoy learning Japanese and improve your Japanese. :)
Yuki 由紀

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