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Simple phrase help request

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Simple phrase help request

Postby nyc1579 » September 24th, 2015 8:31 pm

I'm trying to come up with phrases I would use in my daily life to start further immersing myself in the Japanese language.

Pepsi please
Pepushi kudasai
Which seems to really mean Pepsi give me?

Get my Pepsi please
Watashi no pepushi o onegai shutoku
Which means Acquisition ask my Pepsi?

I use things like Google translate to try to learn phrases I may actually use in a day, rather than phrases generally found online for travelers and the like..
But, this is the kind of stuff I don't get and don't see how to build upon...

found online...
"Kudasai is used when making a specific request like "neko o kudasai" please give me a cat"

So, wouldn't please give me a Pepsi, be, "pepushi o kudasai"

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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Re: Simple phrase help request

Postby community.japanese » September 28th, 2015 5:16 am

nyc1579 さん、
こんにちは。 :)
Yes. ペプシをください。Please give me Pepsi.
However, 私のペプシをお願い取得 doesn’t make any sense.
If you want to say “please get my pepsi please”, the translation should be “私のペプシを取ってください.”
Unfortunately online translation doesn’t work unlike you expect.
When you want a physical object, you can say “the object o kudasai.”
When you want someone to do, you have to use verb te-from, for example “mite kudasai (please look)”, “kiite kudasai (please listen) ” and so on.
I hope it could be helpful.
Yuki 由紀
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