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Attapulgite Dry Purification Grinding Equipment How Much Is It?

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Attapulgite Dry Purification Grinding Equipment How Much Is It?

Postby heaprily_505309 » April 10th, 2015 2:39 am

The full name of attapulgite attapulgite clay (attapulgite clay), is a rare non-metallic mineral resources, because of its special crystal structure and unusual colloid adsorption performance, building materials, textiles, environmental, geological, chemical multiple areas of paper, leather, feed, food, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, automotive, agriculture, etc. have a very wide range of applications, entitled "thousands with soil, king of earth" reputation.
Attapulgite purification dry milling equipment, attapulgite take advantage of the first to go through a grinding mill, attapulgite mine can use high pressure mill, overpressure V-type milling machine to ground. High pressure mill and overpressure V-Raymond mill is representative of a new type, and inheritance while drying rate Raymond Qualcomm has greatly improved the production efficiency. Which overpressure V-mill can be processed into 200 mesh attapulgite -600 mesh and other specifications, output of up to 1-45 tons / hour.
Vico series of mill equipment also includes ultrafine mill, three-ring medium speed mill, high pressure micro powder mill, Q5 European version of the ultra-fine grinding equipment advanced and reasonable structure, the machine is very small vibration, low noise, machinery running smoothly, reliable performance. Vico mill is widely used in large-scale projects grinding calcite, limestone, barite, quartz, dolomite, feldspar and other non-metallic materials. High yield, low energy consumption, no dust, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
Attapulgite how much of a milling machine? Attapulgite purification dry milling equipment prices need to be quoted according to device type, device model, depending on your fineness and yield to decide, please provide specific processing requirements, we will provide you with tailored production program and to provide quote, please consult the online customer service or call the 24-hour service hotline: 0371-67771006.
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