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What Anime Teachers That Is Wrong

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What Anime Teachers That Is Wrong

Postby masonc2635 » October 1st, 2013 3:54 am

One of my big motivations to learn Japanese is so I don't have to be distracted by subtitles when watching subbed anime.

And I have heard on this site and many others that we should not use anime as a teaching tool because many of the words are not used in real life conversation. Well, I know that no one is going to yell out Kamehameha or any of the other battle cries or attack names that frequent anime. So other than that, what commonly use anime words or phrases are not really used?

I here the word Kimi ("you" from what I understand) a lot in both anime and JPop and I have heard that no one really uses it in real life.

So I'd like to see a lesson on what words like this are heard commonly in anime (or other media) that just aren't used and why.

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Re: What Anime Teachers That Is Wrong

Postby community.japanese » October 2nd, 2013 3:21 pm


Anime and manga often use a lot of colloquial expressions, but not all are natural in real life.
It's a bit like "theatre" and "real world". The language they use in theatre fit in the play, but
do we actually speak like those people in the play? -No.
This is what everyone is trying to say about anime and manga.
It's not just at word level, but also expression(s) and how to speak.

As to the word "kimi", I wouldn't say that we don't use it. I do use it in certain situation.
It's not the word we often use in any situation to say "you", but this involves Japanese language culture.

What's called "language lessons" and "language textbooks" are for you to learn from in the proper way.
All those leisure items (anime, manga, TV drama, film, etc.) are originally created for the native
speakers to enjoy, not as educational materials.
So, if you want to learn from such resources, you must have a very good sense and use it wisely.

I personally think that such materials are very useful and effective only after certain level (intermediate? maybe)
and it's not only about Japanese. This is from my own experiences, so hopefully you can trust me :wink:

Natsuko (奈津子),

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Re: What Anime Teachers That Is Wrong

Postby MAGllKARP » July 9th, 2014 4:00 am

I don't know if OP or anyone will read this but I thought I'd add my two cents :)

I think that a LOT of anime and manga gets the reputation for being a bad learning material but in reality I think that any exposure is good. I think that most of the criticism comes form the fact that a lot of anime and manga is very stylized language, or is used in scenarios that aren't often present in real life.

Just remember that each character has many influences that determine the language they use. In a show aimed at kids, many characters will speak informally, in a way that would be almost rude in real life. Many characters will have accents or dialects that indicate to a native speaker something about that person. In the US I can think of ways we can change words to reflect that someone is a cowboy, or college educated, or an italian mob boss. The same things happen a lot in anime and manga.

The words they use are not bad per se, they are just often less common in real life because you are not in the same situation as the character (not in the same relationships, life styles, historic setting, social group etc.) and as long as you understand it then you are fine. It's not hard to see why talking like Natsu/Naruto could be considered rude, or why someone might laugh at you if you start talking like Kyouma from Steins;Gate.

I think the one you mentioned, kimi, is a very personal and intimate version of "you" and that's why you hear it in informal anime situations as well as songs :)

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Re: What Anime Teachers That Is Wrong

Postby community.japanese » July 15th, 2014 5:53 pm


Thank you for the post.
I think manga and anime are good resources and I have taught the Japanese language using Manga at a formal educational institution. The class was successful. :D
However, the point to which we have to pay attention is learners have to know language politeness level.
Native Japanese speakers can understand politeness level and can handle respectful expressions and casual expressions.
If learners know expressions and vocabulary from manga only, they would be in trouble. :cry:

Yuki 由紀

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