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Postby Taurus » June 7th, 2008 2:22 am

So a while ago my girlfriend's friend bought me a T-shirt with 白樺派 emblazoned upon it. And every time I wear it (wherever I wear it) someone from Japan will come up to me to ask me about it. Which gets a bit embarrassing, because I don't know a huge amount about 白樺派.

Now I broadly know that 白樺派 was a literary movement, devoted to individualism. But I really don't know much more than that, and the internet really doesn't seem to want to help.

So does anybody know anything more about 白樺派, so I can amaze and impress anybody who asks me about my T-shirt (instead of embarrassing myself with my lack of knowledge)?

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Postby vtedin » September 16th, 2009 7:13 pm

I don’t think you are still wearing the T shirt. Just in case, this is from wikipedia

The Shirakabaha (白樺派, literally ‘the White Birch Group’) was a Japanese literary movement centred on the magazine Shirakaba, first published in 1910. It also refers to members of the group who share the same ideas and literary style

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