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Japanese Letter

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Japanese Letter

Postby nrstott » June 3rd, 2008 10:53 pm

My wife and I were recently married. Two of the people in our wedding were Japanese. They helped us tremendously. Their parents even sent us wedding gifts.

My wife and I have studied a bit of Japanese but are both beginners. We want to write a letter to our friends' parents to thank them for the wedding gift. I read a bit about Japanese letter writing. Here's my attempt. Let me know what I should change.


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Postby hatch_jp » June 4th, 2008 1:31 pm

Your letter is almost perfect!

→ アラバマはあついひがつづいております。

→ きれいなけっこんのおくりものどうもありがとございました。

→ おからだをたいせつにしてください。

In my opinion, I'd prefer your original to the perfect Japanese sentence I changed because the perfect sentence implies that it seems be modified by someone else and not what you want to say. I'd be happy that it is written in your own Japanese and English than perfect Japanese that may be amended by someone. If you write in easy English, someone around them can translate it into Japanese.
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