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Osaka Dialect

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Osaka Dialect

Postby josiah » February 14th, 2008 2:15 pm

I know how much people want to learn the most popular dialect in Japan, spoken by comedians everywhere, and pretty much essential if you want to understand most Japanese comedy, so why not practice the Osaka Dialect we know here!
No more english allowed! :lol:


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Postby Javizy » February 14th, 2008 2:43 pm

That's a podcast dedicated to Osaka dialect for anyone who's interested. I'm not sure how good it is, but there are quite a few lessons on there.

I find dialects really interesting, but I'd rather not clutter my mind with them until I have a functioning standard Japanese vocabulary, so I'll have to wait a while.

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Postby ceirelav » February 25th, 2008 1:53 am

全国大阪弁普及協会: ... unpou.html

It has a huge list of 大阪弁 phrases with it's usual counterparts. :P
It's interesting to browse through.

I love 大阪弁 as well. ^__^

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Postby josiah » March 11th, 2008 1:41 pm

here is a
for you

two young

i'll break it down

しんすけ: 映画見に行けへん?

カズフミ: お前、映画ほんまに好きやなぁ。

しんすけ: せやろぅ!今ごっついおもろい映画やってんねんで。

カズフミ: えっ?ほんまかいなあ。 前もそうゆうてたけど、全然おもろかったやねんか。

しんすけ: 何ゆうてんねん、お前!それお前が選んだやつやんか!

カズフミ: もうよう覚えてへんなぁ。。。

しんすけ: ほんなら、今度は俺選ぶわな。明日3時に行こうか?

Shinsuke: Do you wanna go see a movie?

You really like movies, don't you?

Shinsuke: Hell Yes! There's a good one showing now!

Huh? Don't be such a dumbass! Last time you said that, it sucked big time!

Shinsuke: What the hell are you saying?! You chose the last movie!

Well, maybe I forgot!

Well I'm gonna pick this one, let's go at 3 tomorrow.


Line 3: せ is a kansai version of そう. It is almost always followed by や or やろ.

Line 4: で is used after ねん in the case to strengthen the sentence. It has a slightly rough tone that is to be expected in a conversation beween close friends.

Line 5: ほんまかいなあ is a very sarcastic way to say "really?"

Line 6: ゆうてた replaces 言ってた meaning "was saying". おもろい which replaces the standard おもしろい is conjugated to おもろなかった, "wasn't interesting".

Line 8: なに+[~てんねん form of verb], おまえ is a very common male speech pattern in Kansai when asking a rhetorical question.

Note this is only a partial break-down, if there is further interest, I can do some more.



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Postby Elfunko » March 14th, 2008 10:54 am

You wrote that yourself right?

The fourth line, rather than what you said, Id say (well, I dont usually say nen that much cause Im not in Osaka anymore so I dont use it as much)

全然おもろへんかったやねん。 (俺の言い方は、全然おもろへんかったやん)

言ってはゆってと読む   ゆうてはちょっと長引いてるんじゃない?

ねんは関東弁のなんに当たる。 今風邪なんだ。は 今風邪やねん。 になる。

そして、理由としていったら、 病気なんで、いけないんだ。は ま、僕はこう言う
今病気なんで、行けへんやん。 おかしいかわからないけど、俺は やん の方が好み、ねんより。


関西弁で遊んで下さい :)

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